Your Budget-Friendly Guide to Singapore


Ahh, Singapore – a city known for classiness, cleanliness, “Crazy Rich Asians,” and perhaps the need for a cash advance??? Luckily, if you want to stay bougie on a budget, this futuristic-garden city doesn’t have to be aaaas pricy as people make it out to be.

Here are 9 simple tips to live your best life while saving your $$ in Singapore.

1. Hawker Centers

Good and cheap food! Hawker Centers are Singapore’s version of food courts. You can try Singapore’s must-eats here, such as chilli crab and kaya toast. The food is not overly priced (5-10 SGD a meal) and there is a VARIETY. There are centers in Little India, China town, Arab street, and so on.

2. Free tours

Monster Day Tours are free (though tips are highly appreciated and encouraged!!) There are walking tours in Little India, China Town, and Kampong Glam. You actually learn quite a bit and I wouldn’t have gone to some places if they hadn’t taken me.

3. MacRitchie Tree Top Walk

Yes, this is a big city, but Singapore does have ~nature~

On the way to the park, you will cruise on the MRT and walk around a colorful city of lights – dodging finance workers speed walking in suits, and listening to businesswomen click their heels against a high-speed escalator. Take a turn into the park and BAM! You’re in a rainforest walking 7km into vast shades of green, protecting your valuables from mischievous monkeys, and listening to wild boars snort their way across the path in front of you.

No admission fee required!

Did I mention there is a suspension bridge?
4. Free Gardens

Free admission includes – Shiseido Forest Valley in Changi Jewel Airport, SuperTree Grove, the Botanical Gardens, art sculptures, Serene Garden, Heritage Garden, and more.

Not to mention there are two light shows that are in Gardens by the Bay that ya can’t miss!

Light show at Marina Bay Sands
5. Atlas Bar

Atlas Bar in Parkview Square is a swanky, Gatsby-Esq establishment that is consistently named as one of the top bars in the world. If you order from the top shelf, and I mean like champagne-with-a-4-figure-price-tag-top, a “wine fairy” will fly to the top of the glass case and swoop up your alcohol of choice (where can I apply for this job????) 

But hey, if 8000 SGD bottles aren’t your thing, ha, coffee is 5 SGD.

So dress to the nines, order a flat white, and pretend to be crazy rich (this idea was GENIOUSLY thought up by a girl in my hostel room – I forgot your name because I suck but hey, if you happen to be reading this, thanks boo).

6. Ladies night Wednesdays (blessed)

Whether you’re by the Gardens or Clarke Quay, simply say goodbye to those 25 SGD drinks for a night! Sorry, boys.

not my champagne lol
7. Free pics 

If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll meet someone cool with a fancy camera (see below). With the bay, the sculptures, sky-blue buildings in Little India, and eccentric street art in Kampong Glam – You really will not run out of places to do a photoshoot. Or ya know, flood your followers’ IG feeds.

8. Level 33

“World’s tallest microbrewery.”

Upon entering, you’ll step into an elevator that only has the option for button “33” (BRILLIANT right??)

Of course, a bougie place like this is going to keep up with the Singapore price standards, BUT you can buy a tray of five beer “tasters” for 23.50 SGD. Grab 5 hostel buddies, and you’re good to go!

The view
9. Marina Bay Sands

Last but definitely not least! It’s THE landmark in Singapore and the building with the infamous infinity pool – Marina Bay Sands. Oh, you know the one. That spaceship-cruise-ship-looking-three-part-skyscraper???? Yes, that one. 

A hotel room here starts at 500 SGD a night – can I get a hell nah!

So instead, explore the giant building, take a canal ride, or pretend (lol) to be a shopper at the late-night, glistening, floating Louis Vuitton store. 

Pay 26 SGD to go to the observation deck (umm no), or go to the top for free at Lavo Italian Bar in tower 1 because it does not have a cover charge, no sir!

Ce La Vi is the other restaurant/bar and is connected to the observation deck. It sometimes has a cover charge. To avoid that $$$ bad boy, check out the times on their website here.

Pics thanks to Tyana Flores @tynmnd

Did you think Singapore was expensive? What’s your favorite thing to do in Singapore?

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