You don't know who you don't know yet

Think of all your closest friends. Aw, aren’t they funny? Cute? Sometimes annoying? Tell me, when did you meet them? Where was it? Were you expecting to meet someone or was it completely random? Did you realize when you met them that you had spent many years not knowing them? After all, every close friend was a stranger at one point.

I open my texts. 3/4 are people I met in the past year. I’m not writing that as something meant to be sad or nostalgic that I no longer keep in touch with certain people from high school or my, haha, two years of college, but rather that it’s freaking cool that the people I talk to every day are people I didn’t even know existed a year ago. 

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Think of all the people you knew last year. The year before. The year before. Now divide these groups.

Three years ago you didn’t know about the people you’d meet two years ago. Two years ago you didn’t know about the people you’d meet last year. Last year you didn’t know the people you’d meet this year. The same pattern goes for the future.

It’s refreshing to think of all the people we have yet to meet who’ll make an impact on our lives. After all, our lives aren’t over; for many of our readers, your lives have barely even started, or even for people who feel they’re a bit older, maybe you feel your life has yet to even begin. Have the moments you’ll remember when you’re 88 happened for you yet?

You don’t even know what you don’t know yet.

How do I know Morocco is not actually my favorite country? I haven’t been there yet. Have I even tried my favorite food? Have I already met the love of my life or will that happen in six years from now? Have I met the friends I’ll spend most of my life with? Which relationships, romantic or platonic, are on the way that I don’t know are going to happen?

Well, all of them.

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