Year Abroad Cliché Bingo



I’ve been living in Perpignan for three weeks now, as my year abroad begins. Anyone who has done a year abroad will be able to relate to the ups, downs, dramas and emotional exhaustion I’ve been experiencing in this first month. So, I thought it was time we played a game of Year Abroad Cliché Bingo. Disclaimer: I’m not saying I’ve done all of these, but my score is definitely high…

Drop your scores in the comments below!

Year abroad Perpignan France sunset

In the first month of your year abroad, you have:

  • Taken copious naps
  • Got on the wrong bus more times than you care to admit
  • Used up all your mobile data on Google maps/Google translate
  • Said an English word to a stranger in a French/Spanish/German/etc accent
  • Discovered that a €2 bottle of wine tastes much better than even the most expensive wine back home
  • Pi$$ed off your neighbours with small get togethers with your fellow new students/language assistants that quickly turned into late-night seshes (on a Sunday…)
  • Spent all your student loan in the first week of being there, purely on eating out
  • Trawled Skyscanner for the cheapest flights back home as soon as you see any sign of a party on your friend’s socials
  • Downloaded Tinder (to improve your language skills, ofc)
  • Bought a pair of “I-found-myself-on-my-year-abroad” trousers from a local market
  • Paid way too much money for an accessory just because it was from an independent, regionally-based brand
Year abroad travel selfie
Did I pay too much for this bucket hat? Yes. Would I do it again? Also Yes.
  • Played rock paper scissors over who’s going to be the one to ask a stranger for help in French/Spanish/German etc
  • Literally cried over spilled milk (why does it taste so weird over here)
  • Used your very best French/Spanish/German etc, only to have someone reply to you in English
  • Fallen over on the uneven pavement
  • Adopted a new, bigger, hometown when introducing yourself (because no one ever knows where it is you’re really from)
  • Felt the need to apologise for being anglophone
  • Felt the need to apologise for Brexit
  • Felt the need to apologise for Trump
  • Been charged way too much by taxi drivers
  • Eaten your body weight in the country’s national foods (trop de pain, trop de fromage)
  • Adopted one particular neighbourhood café as your local place to drink coffee/eat comfort food/use their wifi
Year abroad France cheese
Year abroad France cheese
Year abroad France coffee shop writer
  • Said “wow I wish they had these in the supermarkets back home” at at least 5 different items
  • Said “wow I really miss the supermarkets back home” when you struggle to find some decently priced (and tasty) teabags/peanut butter/baked beans etc
  • Spoken to pets abroad in English and been offended when they don’t respond to their new names
  • Planned to go out on a Sunday, only to realise that NOTHING is open on a Sunday
  • Been harassed by the local teens on the street
  • Gone travelling somewhere new ASAP
  • Nearly been run over when crossing the street
  • Had to deal with way too much paper work
  • Been caught in torrential rain
  • Got sunburnt
  • Realised you packed all the wrong clothes for the climate you’re in
  • Bought cigarettes to fit in with the local culture
  • Nearly (or actually) stepped in dog poo every time you leave your apartment
  • Started drinking your coffee black (if you drank it black already, gain +2 cool points)
  • Had to wait what seems like FOREVER to get the bill after eating or drinking
  • Met new people and spookily realised you had friends in common
  • Been to the local market and realised this is probably the first time you’ve ever eaten fresh produce that wasn’t covered in chemicals
Year abroad France market

Leave your scores (and any other year abroad clichés I’ve missed) in the comments

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