We Wrote Our Very First E-Book: #Woke

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you might know that lil ol’ Damon and Jo try to get fancy with their words now and then.

Well today, we’re taking all the thoughts up in our crazy brains to the next level and serving them to you in our very first e-book.

Here’s a little sneak peak of the book:

12 minutes.

You could do a lot with 12 minutes.

You could cook scrambled eggs, watch a few YouTube videos, even get just enough cardio in just to realize you don’t want to be doing cardio anymore.

Or you could change your life.

Let’s put it this way: if you felt sick to your stomach, you’d detox your body with a juice cleanse. And if you felt sick of your friends, you’d detox your social life by taking a moment for yourself. Lastly, if you felt sick of spending money, you’d go on a money diet. But what would you do if you felt sick of your lifestyle?

You’d detox your outlook on life with a book, a beach, or a book and a beach. This book being read on a beach, for example.

We wrote this first e-book for anyone and everyone who needs a life detox, wake up call, or push in the right direction. We know from your comments, tweets, and emails that before you even get to worrying about the lack of cash or your busy schedule, you’re dealing with the pressures of college, opinions of friends and family, and for lack of a better word, a lot of petty bullsh*t.

In other words, you see that your “life” is getting in the way of you living your dream life.

The best part is: it all starts with you. And it all starts with these next 12 minutes.

How this e-book works

Reading a book from start to finish is overwhelming. We get that. That’s why we wrote this book to be digested throughout the day, one minute each hour, during 12 hours. All you need is 12 minutes.

Upon purchase, you’ll get access to 30 pages of thought-provoking concepts, stories we have never before written or talked about, and a deeper glimpse into more of our outlook on life as @damonandjo.


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