Why I Stopped Skimping

So, here I am writing a blog from a jacuzzi. Now this is a first. They say inspiration can come from anywhere – yet sitting at home at my kitchen table sure doesn’t do the trick day after after, hence why you haven’t had many blog entries.
But right, the jacuzzi. Yeah, never thought I’d be “working” from a jacuzzi. Man, this job as a blogger can be weird, but for this one instance, it kind of makes sense that I’m right here right now.
As travelers, language-enthusiasts, and all-around DIY-ers, we try to do everything for pretty much nothing – everything for as cheaply as possible, which mostly means that we’ll skip out on a famed tourist trap like the Empire State Building for a more unique (and ahem, free) view like from the Roosevelt Island Tram or Le Bain nightclub. All legit NYC view options, by the way. But because, we’re so passionate about travel and languages and doing anything and everything to get to the next place, this lifestyle “choice” has started blending into our day to day. We’ll skip out tickets to Coachella or even sometimes a night out in order to save money to put toward something else: travel.
I’ve had a realization in the past few months that I wanted to start spoiling myself more. Seriously sounds like the cheesiest thing ever, but also on a super morbid note, we’ll all die one day, so I don’t care if it looks sappy.
Forever, I had tried living my life skimping by every place I could to attempt to save enough money for travel. And it worked like crazy. In the four years I had lived in NYC, I had literally never, ever hailed a taxi for myself because I knew I could save at least $10 by taking the train, yes even at 3am, drunk, after a night out in Hell’s Kitchen – which sometimes meant waking up on the 6 train at Pelham Bay Park. I can’t really tell you much about nice restaurants in NYC (or really anywhere), because that too, was a salvaged cost toward a trip. I lived in a studio apartment and shared it with my best friend for over three years because I knew that a few extra hundred dollars a month on rent meant taking another trip.
What I can tell you is that you learn to sacrifice for what you want. You figure out what’s important. And you also figure out that a life of constant frugality and skimping is not a real life at all. I knew that my skimping was logical for the lifestyle I wanted and the reality I was faced with, but it gets tiring. You want to start enjoying all of your life and not just a few weeks or a few months here and there while you’re away.
It’s important to be strategic about your life plan, but to also indulge, treat yourself, and be easy on yourself. Then again, it’s also important to know the difference between really treating yourself and treating yourself when you’re completely broke, have a closet full of clothes that are just fine, and you’re standing at Urban Outfitters Hot This Week rack.
So like, yeah I just spent $45 on a face cream from Kiehl’s that I have no guarantee will be any different from my Cerave that costs $14, and yeah I (reluctantly) spent $499 on a new Canon G7x, but again, there’s a difference between doing what you want and simply settling for the bare minimum just because.
Which also, bringin’ this blog back full-circle, explains to you why I’m writing a blog from the jacuzzi of my gym that is not a $10 Planet Fitness membership I once had for two years.
Spend money on yourself, cuz in the wise words of my mom, “You can’t take money with you when you die!” Man, we’re a morbid family.

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