What's Been Going On?

If you’ve kept up with our blogs, or lack there of, you’ve probably noticed the last post was on Christmas Eve. It’s true, we left you high and dry just when everyone needed a little bit more motivation to get through the already ashy winter. The truth is this: we’ve been workin’ on massive projects that puts the beloved blog on the back-burner. We’ve thought about you, we’ve had conversations about how much we miss spilling out our thoughts on the keys of our dirty laptops, but we haven’t actually allocated the time to do it.

So we owe you an explanation.

Warning: it’ll be vague because we can’t spill the beans before things actually happen.

  • We’re working on re-opening our online store. Soon, you’ll be able to buy canvas bags, water bottles, and shirts that you’ll hopefully, actually want to wear in public.
  • We’re working on creating our very own travel card game. And we’ve had to learn everything from how many cards can be in a deck, to how to apply for a UPC code – AKA that barcode you see in stores and never really think about. Yeah, that costs money, and a hefty process that we figured out thanks to our professor, Mr. Google.
  • We’re working on keeping up with our three-video-a-week schedule which let me just tell you, ain’t easy. Especially factoring in time zones. For instance, we filmed a video yesterday in the morning LA time. We then filmed a few other videos with YouTubers you’ll love to see, and went about our day until 9PM when I started editing the first video for the next day. 4AM rolls around and I have to hit publish because the video was in Portuguese and unlucky for me the time difference is against me by five hours. 10AM LA time would already be too late to publish in Brazil, so the sense of urgency is real.
  • We’re working on creating better content for you – series, and things of that nature.
  • We’re working on filming an online French class. Imagine learning with us as your teachers – soon you won’t have to imagine it.
  • We’re working on traveling to your school and speaking to you, who knows, during a world tour.
  • We’re working on publishing books, real life books, not just the digital kinds.
  • We’re also working on revamping this very blog, so get ready for a new look and feel very soon.
  • And we’re working with some huge brands and companies to do things that will inspire you to do things you love. In essence, we’re shutting up and going everywhere in the next few months working on huge projects.

All of this to say that while we haven’t been posting on our blog, we’re constantly thinking of YOU. We’re thinking of ways to make you laugh, ways to inspire you, ways to meet you in person, ways to not let you down, and to make sure we’re all shutting up and going.
With that being said, we’re opening the doors to contributing writers for this very blog you’ve been reading – just because we haven’t been able to keep up with writing new blogs twice a week, doesn’t mean you future editors in chiefs can’t.
If you’re interested in contributing your travel stories/motivation/inspiration/language learning and you feel your writing matches our style – incredibly important, send your writing sample with relevant pictures attached (ideally the first piece you’d want published) to suagsubmissions@gmail.com and make the subject like something good! Don’t forget to include a short bio cause we need to get to know you! 
Thanks for the continued witty comments, readership, and positivity. Luhh y’all!

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