We're Looking for More Writers to Join Our Team!

Please raise your hand if you’re a broke-20-something-year-old who is a bit burnt out from living a simple life, so you’ve decided to “live your best life” by traveling around and working odd jobs.


Now, raise your hand if you’re someone who always texts your group chat with your buds about the horrendous Tinder dates you’ve been on, the weird yet quirky dude you met at your hostel in Budapest, or how you scammed your way into a museum in Mexico City.


Now if this is you, keep reading!

Shut Up and Go is looking for writers to join our team of contributors to write posts about how to effectively live that travel life while being broke and inspirational as f@ck! Whether you’re a recent graduate, just quit your corporate job, or damn – just finding a way to make it work abroad, we want to hear your stories! We’re looking for writers who can commit to submitting four posts a month about their experiences abroad – including but not limited to: travel tips, personal essays, the best things to do in cities, and plain old funny stuff to make people laugh and inspired to travel. Compensation will be free trips based on merit, and a platform of over 160,000 readers to read your writing, and fall in love with your personality.

To Qualify:

Must be proficient in English

Must be 18 or older

Must be willing to submit 3-4 posts a month

Must have strong writing, grammar, and wit

Must write with a similar voice as all of the articles on shutupandgo.travel

Categories we’re interested in:



Travel stories



Finance and Money Saving

About Us:

There was never a place on the internet

where global minds could meet and share stories about travel fails, international lovers, and everything in between. No one was catering to those bold enough to click book on a cheap flight with a 20-hour layover. And there was never information to help identify if that hostel in Prague just booked was a score or a sketch.

Most importantly, there was never an international and multilingual community of people who all stopped making excuses, and started living the lives they’ve always wanted. In other words, people who Shut Up and Go.

That destination didn’t exist before, until now.

What are you waiting for? Shut up and go submit!

We have a team of 10 contributors who submit posts weekly – will you be the 11th?

Shoot us an email at contribute@shutupandgo.travel with a writing sample of no less than 500 words, and specifying 1-3 categories you’d like to contribute to.

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