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The evolution of travel content:

First there were newspaper articles highlighting foreign cities one could never even imagine going to. Then there were guidebooks, updated yearly, featuring restaurants that by the time you bought the book were probably long gone because they were turned into a nitro coffee shop somewhere in Brooklyn. And now, there’s social media, the internet, and enough content to take you virtually all over the world with the click of a button.

But the question is, who do you turn to when you have a question about whether or not to pack a converter, an adapter, or both? How are you supposed to brush up on your high school Spanish if everyone out there is boring? Where do you go to for that extra moral support on kicking social anxiety and staying with a host family? Who can you ask about making money abroad, to become a digital nomad once and for all? And who can you count on to give you the realest, the juiciest, and the funniest stories about living like a G abroad, whether or not you can afford it long term? You can count on us, Shut Up and Go – the only online platform and community that caters to the badasses who stopped making excuses and started shutting up and going. Cause let’s be real, ain’t nobody got time to daydream. We’re out here living it.

So welcome, let us show you around.

We have a sexy new site, dedicated to everything you may need as lifestyle traveler – meaning, we know you don’t travel once a year for “vacation”, your life IS travel. And despite what your parents and guidance counselors might have told you, it is possible to live a travel lifestyle. How do we know? We’ve been doing it for the last decade.

Hold onto your travel panties. We’re giving you series you can look forward to reading like:

  • 11

    Local’s of: a series dedicated to interviewing locals, so we make sure you’re not pulling up to Times Square thinking it’s where all the cool kids hang out

  • 22

    Kinky Chronicles: we know some of y’all got big hair, so this series is all about highlighting the adventures of natural hair abroad, because big hair do care

  • 33

    Know your $h!t: a guide for history and politics nerds, and the best ways to explore these while travelling without looking like a goober

  • 44

    An Herbivore Abroad: tips for vegan/vegetarian travel, and an overall guide to staying healthy while on the road and not feeling like a pile of poo by the end of a trip – ’cause it happens

  • 55

    We Fly High: a series all about people taking the plunge and booking a ticket, the process, and the aftermath, and tips for you along the way

  • 66

    Other articles on how to pack your crap, language tips and tricks, and all the juicy stories you could ever want to know from failed Tinder dates abroad

The point is, we think about you in everything we do. And we always try to rhyme it too. JK, this ain’t doctor Seuss, this is Shut Up and Go – where we chuck up the deuces. Ok, we’ll stop now. But it starts here.

Explore the site, buy and read our new e-book (psst, it’s here), join our community (you might even meet your next boo here), check out our rainbow of an instagram, our twitter that puts wit in twitter, and sign up for our newsletter, because you won’t want to miss out when we drop content, that might just save you hundreds of dollars.

We out here, literally, we’re all over the world.

Stay tuned for more, and shut up and go.

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