We Are Women

We are women, who wake up everyday putting liquid armor on our eyes and under-wire beneath our breasts to hold up our courage, hoping today won’t be a day where we’re sized up by our bits and bumps, but rather by our ability and strength.
We are women who cling onto the learnings taught to us by our mothers, grandmothers, and sisters, hoping to gain strength That carries us through life where we’re automatically considered the weakest link.
We are women, who have such magic inside of us, our bodies are capable of nurturing another life. Yet we are undervalued on most occasions, even by each other.
We are women, who have to hear of stories of our fellow kind, falling victims of horrific crimes, simply because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. We have the ability of pulling ourselves up without anything but our instinct to nurture as our only lifeline.
we are women
We are women, who pick ourselves up from rubble. It is by no means a choice, it is what we were born doing. Soon, maybe even we will see our roots have given us the ability to grow from mud, sprouting forests of tree trunks so thick, it would take centuries to understand our treasures.
We are women, who are wise beyond the credit that has been given us. We are strong beyond means to measure. And we will always be that special magic in the human race, so powerful, words themselves can’t define.
We are women. Let’s take a moment to appreciate all our glory and continue surprising even ourselves of our own strength.

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