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The Gloom of the Venice Beach Canals


It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of sunlight or heat, which is why yesterday evening was an evening out of paradise for someone like me: the weather was complete gloomy marine layer status, and even a tad bit chilly, which I know is something super annoying when someone in LA is calling 70 degrees “chilly.” Yes, I’ve officially become that person. I’ll keep you updated on the oxymoron of someone like me, who is in love with with clouds, rain, and cold, moving to a city that is warm and sunny pretty much year-round – but for now, the Venice Canals.
Venice Beach is one of those places that’s 33.3% hippy, 33.3% trendy, and 33.3% cracked out. You’ll find beach bums cozied up next to some of the hippest places off the beach, medical marijuana pharmacies next to all-natural restaurants, and alternative skater boys next to street ballers. It’s definitely got something to love for everyone – and I don’t mean that in a cliché way – I mean, when I visited on a Sunday afternoon a few years ago, I came across a roll-bounce skate squad jamming out to 90s hip hop. #GOALS.
Most visitors to Venice spend their day strolling along the boardwalk, gawking at the bodybuilders on Muscle Beach, or shopping on the ultra-trendy Abbott Kinney Boulevard, but something also worth noting…is the existence of the Venice Canals. The Venice Canals are a set of canals in a neighborhood, first built as a tribute to the original Venice Canals in Italy. The story goes much as it may be expected – the canals were created in 1905 by Abbott Kinney as a mini-me of the original Venice Canals in Italy, then years later when the automobile gained in popularity, people started seeing the canals as unnecessary and out-dated and envisioned roads in their place, conflict and controversy ensued, but the government paved over the majority of the canals anyway and now, voilà, the gloomy nostalgia has hit and the Venice Canals have become somewhat of a tourist destination.
But not really, cuz I only ran into one other person with a camera, and the rest were couples in their mid-50s with dogs. The Venice Canals are something you should definitely spend an hour visiting – maybe after you’ve done Hollywood Boulevard, The Grove, or Santa Monica.
Clearly as you’ll see, the California drought has affected the canals.


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