Undisclosed Study Abroad Tip: Always Ask Their Age Before Going On A Date



I bet you haven’t been given this study abroad tip! If you meet your potential boo out in the ~wild~ and not on a dating app – always ask their age. Sure, this could apply to your life at home too, but it’s hard to tell people’s ages around the world. And I found that out the hard way!

When this happened I didn’t tell my friends because this is high-key embarrassing. Just out here exploiting my life for the brand, it’s fine. Enjoy.

Having a babyface is both an absolute blessing and an absolute curse.

On one hand, I’ve never had to pay adult admission into a museum, and on the other hand, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been hit on by boys, teenagers,
children, whatever you wanna call them.

Once-upon-a-time, lil’ old 21-year-old me was studying abroad in Australia. Valentine’s Day was on like a Tuesday and your homegirl had a giant investigative journalism project due the next day. Aka I was leaving the Gold Coast’s downtown craziness to at leastttttt Thursday. See MOM I had some self-control (Read: The Gold Coast is Australia’s Las Vegas).

My friends were either with their SOs (significant others) or on Tinder dates. Pretty soon it was 11:45 pm, and me and lots of other single students, presumably, were the few left in the library.

I was V focused on the mountain of research on my desk UNTIL – I made eye contact with (you guessed it!) a guy. He was like borderline 6ft tall, had a nice head of hair, and facial hair. These are essential characteristics so I can defend myself if need be, OKAY.

Let’s call him Hugh because Hugh Jackman is the first Australian that just popped into my head – IDK.

Moving on!

Hugh and I kept looking at each other, and he eventually walked over and handed me a note that went something like this —

Happy Valentine’s Day

You’re beautiful <3

Text me #######

– Hugh

SOOO SAPPY and I ate that sh!t right up. Because here’s me JUMPING AHEAD (don’t we all?) thinking I found a study abroad fling. LMAO @me, calm down.

Fast forward

Hugh and I met at the steps surrounding our campus’s bull shark-filled lake. How romantic? We were talking, we were flirting, and we were looking at the stars BLEH.

BRB – I’m cringing so hard I can’t continue – I need a story-telling break.

It has genuinely been over an hour since I wrote that last line.


Listen, I don’t remember most of our convo, because I think my brain blacked it out for me. Thanks, brain.

But somewhere down the line, he said,

“…I can’t wait for schoolies…”

“…I can’t wait for schoolies…”

If you don’t know, “Schoolies” is this giant drunk-fest in Australia that is held for students when they finish college. College = last 2 years of secondary school / high school. 

Our convo went something like this

Me: Hoping that I was about to learn something new about schoolies – “Oh what I thought schoolies was that thing everyone went to before uni?”

Hugh: “It is.”

Me: “I’m confused, don’t you go here?”

Hugh: “Yea I’m in the college program, aren’t you?”

Me: “Umm no, I’m 21.”

Hugh: “What no way, you’re heaps tiny!”

*insert upside-down smiling emoji*

Turns out he was, “almost 17!” and apparently I was studying in the spot all the cool teens hung out. I got outta there very fast. Wasn’t trying to date a literal man-child or idk get into legal trouble??????? Moral of the story – even if you meet someone at an adults-only place, like uni or the bar, still ask their age.

That’s all, have a good day, I’m gonna have a mimosa now.

Got any good dating-while-traveling stories? I wanna hear ’em, we can commiserate together. 

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