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The Netherlands

My second year at uni has almost come to an end, and what have I accomplished? Aside from my life-changing solo trip to Prague in January, I’ve somehow managed to spend almost all of my money by staying put in Leeds, having not taken nearly as many trips abroad as I did last year. Despite my head and my bank account both screaming “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NO”, I decided to spend almost the entirety of the rest of my money on one last trip before I (try to) earn it all back over summer and on my year abroad in France. Plus, it gave me an excuse to finally try LuckyTrip, an app I’ve had on my phone for months, to try and score a tidy little bundle getaway to the Netherlands for me and a pal.

Amsterdam canals
What is LuckyTrip?

A friend of mine told me about LuckyTrip last year when we were trying to find a cheap, spontaneous trip to take together. That never happened, unfortunately, but the app remained on my phone ever since.

You basically set your budget, preferred departure airport, dates (or leave it as ‘lucky dates’) and the number of people taking the trip. Then, select your favourite activity types, or keep them all, and click ‘lucky’ and let the app generate the flights, accommodation, destination and one activity for your budget (and feel free to mix and match).

For the born-again procrastinator (like me) this app is a dream if you’re looking for the perfect excuse to waste time/glean inspiration/book a spontaneous trip.

Amsterdam central
My LuckyTrip

After my eventful trip to Amsterdam last summer, I wanted to go back for more. However, anyone who’s ever been on/looked into a trip to The Dam knows that it’s not the cheapest city to stay in. Regardless, my friend and I had our hearts set on Dam, but found a trip there within our budget on LuckyTrip by staying in the nearby seaside town of Zandvoort for 4 nights, including flights, an apartment, and the run of the Zandvoort post-surf beach chill scene.

This might have been the dream scenario that we didn’t even know we needed: the perfect balance between city centre and seaside, with regular trains running between to the two all day and night. I would never have thought to stay in Zandvoort if I was booking myself; I’d never even heard of it before I stumbled upon it on LuckyTrip. But now that I am, I can spend entire days soaking up Dutch coastal culture as well as pounding the pavements in Amsterdam.


The LuckyTrip Verdict

If you can’t be bothered to put in the hard work and research yourself, this app is a dream. Once you’ve paid and booked, you just pop in your passport details and they send you the booking confirmations, boarding passes and even check you in on your flights for you. If you’re open to going anywhere, doing anything, and fitting the most in for a certain budget, LuckyTrip is the only app to get you what you want. You could probably organise a similar trip yourself for slightly less, and if you have specific criteria, this won’t be for you. It’s called LuckyTrip for a reason: you’re putting your getaway destiny into the app’s hands. Let yourself be surprised.

Have you tried LuckyTrip?

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