Going Natural: Treat Dat Hair Before You Shut Up & Go

First things first: I ain’t a hairdresser. But if you give me water, a tub of shea butter, and a 1/4 of tea tree oil – I’m ya girl.

I’ve been natural for about 5 years now, and I do the same hairstyle every other day: twists pinned up. I believe that it makes my hair stretch. So, when I unravel it, my hair seems longer and my curls are poppin’. Shrinkage can kiss my perky black a$$. See how much love I got for my natural coils? A lot.

However. When I’m traveling, it’s a whole different story. It’s tedious, time consuming, and sometimes I’m this “👌🏾” close to picking up some scissors and snippin’ them curly strands to the follicle.

Yes. I gets tired.

Despite staying up until 2 am twisting, spending hours raking a comb through my hair to detangle, or wondering if I cut off a good chunk of my hair while trimming, I will always have a special place for my kinky curls. It’s been through it these past 5 years; shoot, I better love it.

Whether you’ve been rocking a relaxer or your natural coils, let’s face it. Black hair is a challenge to maintain while traveling. But don’t worry, I got your back.

Us Nubian queens gotta stick together!

Here are a few natural hair tips that are a part of my travel regimen:

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    LOC Method is Key

    Since I have 4b hair, my curls tend to dry faster so to avoid that L, I like to whip out my trusty LOC method to secure moisture. Let me break it down for you:

    L – leave in    

    O – oil             

    C – cream       

    All you gotta do is apply a leave-in (L), an oil of your choice (O), and a cream (C) to “LOC” moisture in, styled, and voila, c’est fini. You have moisturized and styled your hair all in one. 2 for 1, let’s go!

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    Style Your Hair Before You Hop on Your Flight

    This right here – is the most essential tip. I CANNOT stress this enough ladies! Think about it: being 30,000 feet up in the air takes a toll on your natural hair, leaving it dried and frizzed up by the time you hop off the plane. I can attest because I’ve been there, done that. To avoid looking like Samuel L. Jackson from Unbreakable (GIRL, I KNOW) or a dried up Frederick Douglas (yes, I’m coming for you with this one), I prefer to do medium-sized 2-strand twists the day before I travel. It’s a great way to lock in moisture and leaves my hair more defined. Plus, my 4b strands live for it.

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    Wrap It Up

    I love it when my curls are out. However, there’s a time and place for my curls. Sometimes, I’m honestly not here for it. Either I have energy for it or I don’t and what’s a better alternative than to wrap it up? Right. Whether you’re feeling lazy to maintain your coils while traveling, head-wraps are the perfect solution to your dilemma. Wanna look good with effort? Wrap it up! Trust me, my pictures improved 10x more with the head wrap on. Frizziness and lack of moisture would be the least of your worries. Go ‘head sis.

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    Maintain Them Curls

    Whether I’m enjoying a 3-day getaway to Lisbon or a 5-day holiday in Rome, them curls gon’ be tamed.

    To maintain my hair and avoid a “nappy” hair day, I either re-twist my hair at night or go to bed with a “pineapple” to get manageable second-day hair. By “pineapple”, I mean a high ponytail to avoid flattening your curls while you sleep. Trust me, you’ll thank me later when your second-day hair comes out poppin’!

All in all sista dearest, embrace your curls! It shouldn’t stop you from living your best life. Granted, it is a ton of work but your travel experience makes up for it!

Me: *slicks down baby hairs*

Baby hairs: Y’all felt that?

What’re your go-to hair tips?

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