Genovia: 5 Travel Tips for The Destination of the Summer


Maybe it’s always been your dream to visit this pretty little principality, or maybe you tacked on a visit to your trip through Europe, but regardless of your travel plans, Genovia is an incredible destination to visit. Read on for some travel tips!

  • Firstly, you should know that the people of Genovia have a lot of love for their queen. Be careful to always remove a hat if you’re wearing one while the national anthem is playing, or if you’re lucky enough to see the royal motorcade go by!
  • Somewhat related to the above: there are some mixed feelings about the succession of the new princess, so tread carefully in any political conversations that may arise with the locals about this.
  • When visiting, you absolutely must try a traditional green-foods meal, especially if you’re visiting over one of their national holidays!
  • Also not to be missed: a castle tour at the Palais Royale–you might be lucky enough to glimpse a member of the royal family!
  • Don’t skip out on history while you’re there–the country has a FASCINATING origin story and their first queen, Rosagunda, was a badass.
  • Genovia is quite a wealthy country, so it can be a bit expensive to visit. Plan accordingly! Also, both English and French are spoken throughout the country.
  • When packing, bring warm-weather clothing and don’t forget your bathing suit. The average year-round temperature is 24º.


Year-round beach temperatures? Yes, PLEASE!

Ready to book a flight yet? I don’t blame you–I’m already itching to go back. You can visit their tour tourism site for more information about this marvelous micro-country. Have you been to Genovia before? Let me know your favorite travel stories in the comments!


*Disclaimer: Genovia is a fictional country from the book and movie franchise “The Princess Diaries.” These photos depict other locations in Europe. Happy April Fool’s Day y’all.*

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