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This month I realized that Jo and I are crazy about a lot more things than just travel. Did you know I use that thing called The Bullet (from the informercials) at least twice a day? That my memory foam pillow and Jo’s back roller is how we survive day-to-day? That a privacy screen is seriously a must-have when you’re on an airplane and editing your exaggerated facial expressions in front of everyone?
See, there’s a lot more to @damonandjo than travel and languages. We want to let you in on what’s good with us each month, so starting this May 2016, here’s what I loved this month. Yes, Oprah-style.

What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding

I love seeing posts of my friends’ babies on Facebook, but right now in my life, I also love seeing Cinque Terre, Paris, and Tokyo. Logistically speaking, traveling when you have kids will be a lot more difficult and a lot more expensive. For this reason, I can somewhat relate to this book and maybe you can too, if you’re the Facebook friend who’s never home.

Link || What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding

I’m A Stranger Here Myself

The whole Americans living abroad has intrigued me ever since I can remember. I actually recall when I was obsessed with England – some of that is due to the Spice Girls and some is due to Vinny, my Grandma’s British friend, which, now that I think about it, what was she doing at the Moose Lodge in New Haven, Indiana? Whatever. She used to bring me back British pounds. This book is about a man who lived in the UK for twenty years and then moves back to the USA and writes this book, diary-style, with each chapter representing something that we Americans do, that we don’t even realize we do.

Link || I’m a Stranger Here Myself

How To Be Alone

The first book I read from the School of Life was named How to Change the World, which if I had done this genre of post, would totally have been a Favorite from April 2012. If changing the world isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other books as well in the series, like How to Worry Less About Money or How to Think More About Sex. But for me, right now in my life, How to Be Alone is the most relevant after these recent months of solo travels to Tokyo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Paris.

Link || How to Be Alone

Cabeau Neck Pillow

Much like the rest of the items on this list, I was not a fan of neck pillows, until I got this one. Some neck pillows are frumpy, and don’t support your neck (looking at you, microbeads), so stick to the memory foam neck pillows WITH TWO LAYERS. Notice, there is the main layer of this neck pillow, then there’s an elevated layer for extra support. Trust me; you need the extra layer. The clip is also essentially so you can provide secure cushioning around your neck, and wait…is that a pouch? Wait, does mine have a pouch? I want a pouch.

Link || Cabeau Neck Pillow

BOSE Headphones

I’ve been totally Team Everything Apple for the past six years, including my Apple EarPhones. Then I was given these as a gift, and use them every time I’m on the subway or walking around a city. That way, I can feel like I’m in a nightclub even when I’m not in a nightclub.

Link || Bose Headphones

The App “Lifeline”

Did I think I’d ever be addicted to a game on my phone? I didn’t. Not until one of my friends told me about LifeLine, a game where you send messages back and forth with a guy named Taylor who’s stranded on the moon and counting on you to survive. You help guide him by answering his/her questions as he tries to be rescued. Should he go through the crater, or around it? Should he go check out what that noise was in the dark corner, or book it out of there? It’s up to you, but fair warning: I “killed” him twice, so be careful out there on the moon.

Link || Lifeline

What were some things you discovered this month that I/We/Other Readers should look into?

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