The North Remembers: An Icelandic Photo Diary


Apologies to those that do not prescribe to the world of fantasy and action or tv and movies, but April is really coming through with all my favorites. Netflix dropped season 2 of Sabrina out the cut, already have my tickets for a midnight showing of Endgame, and most anticipated, we have Game of Thrones coming out in a matter of days.

Night gathers, and now my watch begins

I know we’ve been waiting almost a whole 2 years, but the closer it gets the farther away it feels. My house has been preeeeeping since March. At this point, if you walk into any room of the house there’ll be people in any and all seasons, trying to catch up or refresh before the start of the finale.

So to commemorate the last season of one of my favorite shows, a throwback lookbook to my dear Iceland. My winter paradise and one of the filming locations for GoT.

Reykjavik is honestly one of the more colorful and coziest cities I've been to
Also one of the smallest, I knew my way around without a map way too quickly
Iceland please fix your prices. I lived off of bread and convinces store snacks
Macros consumed: sugar, carbs, sugar, sugar
But nothing will ever compare to walking outside and your whole world is covered in fluffy white snow
And then the sun comes out and everything is just glowing
But PROTIP: please please NEVER EVER drive in Iceland in the winter. There is NO visibility the moment it even starts snowing a little
But DO go on guided tours
It's so worth it
This picture is what I show people when they can't understand why Iceland is one of my favorite places in the world
I can almost see the free folk living their best lives in the horizon over there
I'm still at a lose to the science that explains how everything for miles during this drive was glowing emerald green. My phone didn't do it justice.
The results might be fussy, but I can say I saw the Northern Lights, and how can you be upset at that really

It’s been over a year now since I was in Iceland, but it remains my happy place. Let’s just hope I come out as happy at the end of GoT….

If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention

And if you’re trying to have an epic Icelandic adventure too, don’t forget to check out Iceland’s Ring Road! 



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