The Lonely Heart: A Travel Poem From The Road

This post was contributed by Nicole Prefontaine.

The Lonely Heart
I thought of you in London
I thought of you in France
Even in New York, I hoped to steal a glance
I thought of you in Tokyo
I thought of you in Rome
Even in Los Angeles, I wanted to take you home
I thought of you beneath the honey golden skies of the sunshine state
I thought you of you amidst the deep blue seas from down under
Even while standing on the tallest mountain that this world has to offer
I knew you were the eighth wonder
Because darling,
distance alters the lonely heart
and I couldn’t handle
being so far apart

Meet Nicole: I’m a Canadian globe- trotting ballet dancer. I love travelling to new places to experience the universal language of dance.  Living the most out of on my one wild and precious life by snapping pics of moments I encounter along the way. Follow those moments on my IG.

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