The London Diaries: Day One


I touched down in London, but where do I even start?

Maybe by the two schwasted Brits who I met at a bar in Santa Monica, who were on the same flight as me a few days later? The frat boy seated next to me on the flight who humble-bragged about snorting four aspirin so he could feel “euphoria?” (who then spent the nine straight hours requesting the help of the flight attendant)?  The obsession I felt toward BBC’s documentary “Inside: British Vogue” when I haven’t even opened one issue of Vogue in my life? The second obsession I felt toward my new favorite comedy duo Absolutely Fabolous (a piece of British culture I never knew existed)? The British immigration officer who thought it was okay to ask me how much money I make because I’m a YouTuber (His follow-up response: I can ask you anything)? The 13-bed hostel dorm I decided to lodge myself in? The drag queen Jasmine Masters who had me cracking up on the dance floor at a bar in SoHo? The coffee barista at Joe & The Juice who invited me to a barbecue on Sunday?
That all happened in the span of twenty-four hours. And while there’s been a wide range of happenings, the conversations haven’t been so.
Love will Reign | Tap Coffee | London
I keep getting asked the same question here,

So why are you in London?

And really, I don’t even know what I’m doing in London. Why am I in London? The best response I can build up each time is “Because…” Because I have the free time. Because I was here for one day last month and it was such a tease. Because I love London. Because I found a decently priced ticket. Because maybe one day I want to move here. Because why not?
But every Londoner seems even more confused. “But why?”
I feel like this has become a recurring theme when I travel solo. People are confused. People are more confused than the people who are traveling solo.

Do I need a reason?

To switch it up. To experience more of London. I came to London, cuz it’s different from Los Angeles, and life isn’t as fun or eventful if you’re staying put. How many of the things in paragraph one would have happened if I had just stayed put? I’m here in London because, yeah, I love to travel, but more deeply, because I’m looking for something new and different each time. That’s. What. Makes. Life. Interesting. British people ask me “You OK?” which to them just means “All good?” but to my American ears it means “Is everything alright with you? Cuz you look sad.” I sat on a stoop in Soho Square Gardens to eat vegetable couscous and drink a mini bottle of Sauvignon from TESCO because you can do that here without police getting all petty and weird about you having one drink outside. I travel for new experiences, and I think this experience in London is starting off perfectly for Day One.
And to conclude, let us take a moment of silence for my oblivious CVS cashier in Los Angeles asked me, “Europe – is that the place where you have to use different plugs?”
Yes, I’ve made it to the place where you have to use different plugs.

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