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The Good Kind of Vintage at Melrose Trading Post


If there’s one thing I do not like about moving into new apartments, it’s furnishing them. Well, no, no, no – not furnishing them, but paying for the furniture. Nothing like swiping your debit card for $650 for a couch, a table and chairs, some kitchen appliances, and maybe a blanket or so. Like, do you know how much traveling you can get for $650? This is why it’s been on my must-do list since moving to LA to take a Sunday trip to the Melrose Trading Post – aka the hottest place to be in Los Angeles Sunday at noon. Both literally and figuratively.
First things first, everything looked…vintage – but not vintage in a way that costs $85 for a wooden table that honestly just looks like sh*t. I’m talking vintage in a way that costs only $1 for old travel maps, $4 for stained-wood picture frames, and $20 for 90s Levi denim shorts. This is the kind of vintage you and I have both been looking for. The kind that made me linger around the flea market for two hours sifting through the old racks of military jackets, asking vendors where they even got/hoarded all of their knick-knacks, and learning when and when not to barter.
On the downside, to keep it real, this is the first time I’ve ever had to pay to get into a flea market, which I remember being precisely the reason I went three years ago and turned around when I heard that. While the entrance fee used to be $2, it’s now been raised to $3, which I guess isn’t bad for the all good deals you eventually get. If you’re not looking for anything in particular, go for the people-watching. Most of the people at the Melrose Trading Post will probably be looking somewhere between boho-chic and badass…and as usual for Los Angeles, extremely stylish, beautiful, and I never get this one, well-moisturized? I’m totally serious. Meanwhile, I’m over here scarring my face from the fierce sun, and I even apply my SPF twice a day – tell me how that works.
Sit back, take a scroll through, and go visit any Sunday from 9am to 5pm. I strongly advise you to take a wide-brimmed hat or go super touristy on everyone and take your sun umbrella. Parking, as usual, is a nightmare. Have fun and don’t say I didn’t warn you!
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Have you ever found good vintage at Melrose Trading Post?

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