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The First Time We Shut Up and Went to Barcelona


We were 19 years old in Paris when we had one of our first Shut Up and Go moments. Well, our first would have been leaving New York City for Paris in the first place, but after a month or two in Paris, we knew we had to see as much of Europe after already paying so much money to get there. One night, we sat in my seventh-floor walk-up apartment (it was all I could afford) and googled our hearts out until we found a flight for 7 euros to Barcelona. Yes, literally 7 euros, which was about 10 dollars. We told ourselves, “Life is happening now, and we have to do this.”
That weekend, we found ourselves arriving in Barcelona’s city center at 1am. A few Canadian girls asked if we wanted to take a taxi to a hotel. Ha. There were two problems with her question: 1) We never take taxis, because we’re broke, and 2) We never stay in hotels, because we’re broke.
And so, we took off on foot with no destination in mind.
We walked through the winding streets, admiring the colors of the lights, the entertaining street performers, and the sexy Spanish language. Nothing seemed open except bars and clubs, so we stopped into a McDonalds to take shelter for a few hours – Jo grabbing some churros off the $1 menu, and me, a coffee-flavored ice cream cone. Oh, the joys of discovering foreign McDonalds menus. Then, all of sudden, my nose starts bleeding. My first nose-bleed ever in my life…right then. Just after that, the McDonald’s closed down on us and we found ourselves walking down La Rambla at 3am toward the beach, where we eventually spent the next few hours sleeping.
We spent the next eight months in Europe, experiencing countries, cultures, languages, and people that would literally change who we are. So cliché and yet so true. Instead of waiting for life to happen, we were making it happen ourselves. Instead of worrying about how many followers we have on Twitter, or if our résumé looks “good,” we were finally living. We felt free, young, and most importantly, alive. Our friends and family started asking us how we were traveling so much, and we knew the answer: a YouTube channel where we show people how to shut up and go.
Europe changed us, and we’re ready to get it on camera this time.
If you’d like to throw in a dollar or two to help fund our next film-trip in Europe this summer, head on over to our Indiegogo campaign! Any contribution of yours is helpful!
Thank you! Merci! Danke! Obrigado! Gracias!

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