The Colors of México


I feel like a lot of times when a person visits a city, or actually even when you live in a city, you see the city for what it is but pretty much epicly fail at noticing the details that make the city what it is. You see Cabo San Lucas, but you don’t really see Cabo San Lucas. For example, on the surface, Cabo is your usual Spring Break party destination for American 22-year-olds. Tropical, but typical. And then there’s the real Cabo that still exists after your week of Spring Break.
Cabo San Lucas isn’t just the strip of souvenir shops with highlighter Spring Break tank-tops and Señor Frogs restaurants, just like New York isn’t the Statue of Liberty or Times Square, or LA with the Hollywood Sign. Those are surface observations.
If you really eyeball a city, you’ll notice the nitty-gritty, nooks and crannies, that when all put together, make the city what it is. “Appreciating the little things” is totally one super cliché way to put it, I know, but taking in your surroundings on the daily is shortcut to realizing that travel isn’t just a plug-and-chug formula. Spring Break rah-rah cities often have the same vibe, but the city behind “the city” is probably why that city became a Spring Break destination in the first place.
As mentioned in this video at 3:36,

When you travel, you need to look and see what’s around you, so that not every city seems the same. There are so many cities in the world, so many cultures in the world, so many people in the world.

This recent trip to México, I looked past the bright green tank tops that read “Spring Break 2k16” and massive Spring Break jugs, and instead, here’s what I saw.
Noticing the colors of your city, or any city, is key when it comes to seeing a city. These are things that make the city what it is.

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