The Best Times for Americans to Fly to London


The capital of England and the United Kingdom, London, is one of the most popular and visited cities in the world. Every year more than 30 million people from all around the world visit this city to take in the sites. Of these millions of tourists, more than 250,000 are US citizens that take about on average nine-hour flight to reach London. It would be such a waste to take this long flight just to find out that you came in the wrong season. No season is wrong for tourists in London, but there is a season for every activity that will help you get the most benefits from your travels. Here I’ve shared the most popular activities and the best time to visit London for them.

Post-December for Shopping

You will find the world’s best sales in London. It may not be the fashion capital of the world like Paris, but it has plenty of unique styles to offer that you won’t find in any other country. One of the most popular summer sales of Harrods starts around June or July; however, the best shopping time would be after December for post-Christmas sales. The time between December and January holds the huge Boxing Day sales. You will find all types of clothes, shoes, fashion accessories, furniture, and every other thing is on sale, saving you a lot of money. 

Anytime in Summer for Royal Sites

You want to see royal things? Go to London in summer. Most palaces are only open from July to September. For example, The State Rooms at Buckingham Palace and Kew Palace are closed in the winter seasons. Besides, it would be easier to stroll around the city in warmer weather. As most royal places are only available in different seasons, August is one month where you will find everything open to the public. It’s the month to get a full royal experience. You can click here to find yourself the most low-cost airfare to London on Business Class Experts.


January & February for Theatre

Why January and February? Because you can get tickets to all West End shows with great discounts during these months. Most tourists aren’t very active in these months due to cold weather. Theatres and shows have to keep their business running, so they attract and welcome every fan they can get. 

January & February for Galleries

There are many attractions like the London Transport Museum and the Natural History Museum in this city. These places are considered family-friendly so a lot of kids visit them during the holidays. Almost all museums and galleries in London are open throughout the year. People who like such places aren’t usually fond of large crowds. If you go to visit such sites in January and February, you can avoid many crowds and lines. 

Mid-November for Christmas

You can celebrate two Christmases by visiting London in the month of November. You will find a lot of decorated stores, skating rinks, and holiday markets. There is a lot of hustle and bustle at every public place. Many attractions and services like museums and public transportation are closed on Christmas Day. 

Hot and Cold Weathers

Weather is a major factor that impacts the decision of tourists. Some want to enjoy snow and ice skating in their holidays and some prefer to easily walk around the city and see tourist attractions in warm weather. If you want to experience the cold of London then it is suggested to plan your tour somewhere between December and February. On the other hand, July and August are the warmest months of this city if you want to take your kids and enjoy some leisure time in public parks.

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