The Best Gelato in Rome: An Investigation



When I decided to study abroad in Rome, I made it my mission to live it up and to taste as much gelato as humanly possible. Here’s a super quick guide to some of my favorite gelato and gelato spots in Rome:

Frigidarium: The most aesthetically pleasing gelato I’ve received comes from Frigidarium. On any given day, you will see a line out the door for this well-known gelato. Try the Frigidarium flavor, it is a sweet caramel and chocolate combo. I would also recommend almond and dulce de leche! It is located right across from The Abbey, a pub that has open-mic on Thursday nights.
Includes: cookie (with the Frigidarium flavor) or small waffle cone, chocolate, whipped cream

La Romana: Chocolate in the center of the cone? Absolutely! This gelato is a fan-favorite. With pistachio and amarena from La Romana, you can’t lose.
Includes: Chocolate in the center of cone, whipped cream

Il Pellicano – This gelateria, located in a neighborhood called Balduina, is one of my personal favorites! They have the best amarena flavor I have tried yet. While this place might not be centrally located or well-known, I am a regular there because it is relatively close to Loyola University’s John Felice Rome Center.
Includes: whipped cream, chocolate, small cones when you order a cup

Neve di Latte: Piazza Cavour is one of my favorite locations in Rome, and Neve di Latte is only about a three-minute walk from there. Overall, this is a cute space to get that gelato you’ve been craving.
Includes: free tiny cups of water

Most unique gelato: Della Palma: 150 flavors!! Seriously, I love this place. I tried the peanut butter flavor, and it was great! This flavor is nearly impossible to find in Rome, so it was exciting to find it here! They have an overwhelming selection of interesting flavors, including lavender and Irish coffee. You can also go for some bakery treats or candy.

Pompi: The most regal gelateria I’ve witnessed is Pompi with gold decor and a fountain of chocolate. I went with the classic tiramisù flavor, and it was not a disappointment. You can also buy cannoli dipped in chocolate or other fancy desserts!
Includes: waffle cone, whipped cream

Listen, if you are paying over €2,80 for una coppetta piccola of gelato in Rome, you are doing it WRONG. The best gelato is generally under this price!

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