Motorbiking to Thai Waterfalls With My Ukrainian AirBNB Host


Last night, I went out with my AirBNB host and I lost a game of pool for us. Maybe it was the pressure from the ladyboys. Maybe it was that I was distracted by the Pussycat Dolls catwalking on the bar’s TV. Or maybe it was just that I oddly play pool left-handed and generally suck at the game. 2-3 isn’t that bad? I’m just happy my AirBNB host invited me out again the next day.
I wake up at 12:36pm and I freak out. One, because it was 12:36pm and two, because the first email in my inbox was from the AirBNB host.

If you’re confused reading this, you should be because I was like, who, what, where, when, and why.
I hear their motorbikes pull up – they, the AirBNB host, Arik, and his Russian friend, Alex – and I freak out a third time. Wait, they’re here already! I open the door and they innocently ask, “You come with us today?” like they’re neighborhood kids and asking if I can hang out. I do that stupid thing everyone does when they don’t know if they want to commit their entire day to something:

“Where are you guys going? I mean I do have a YouTube to edit and a few blogs to write today…”
– “But Phuket sunny. Rain much here. Sun down, you work. You come today?”

I looked back in my house, as if that would give me an answer, and I thought about last night’s trek through the jungle on the back of a motorbike. I need to be a yes man. These are two guys who are offering me a local look into Phuket from their motorbikes…while it’s sunny outside. There is a 14 hour time difference back to LA, so my work can be done later. I am literally a dumb person if I don’t go right now. I hopped on the back of my Arik’s motorbike, not knowing the destination or how long it’d take to get there.
Phuket Motorbike Rental
45 minutes of speeding past Thai people on their motorbikes, and we arrive at Bang Pae Waterfall, Phuket’s biggest. I follow them as we venture down each winding dirt path closer and closer to a roaring waterfall. Typically you have to pay 300 baht to get in, but nobody was working, so we walked right in. Right past the 10 year old Thai children pulling up on their motorbikes, smoking cigarettes. Some countries just do things differently!
We continue on our path, mostly passing Thai children swimming and Thai mothers and fathers laying out, but there were two or three Western couples as well who traveled out to East Phuket for this.
Thai kids play in the Bang Pae Waterfall, Phuket's largest waterfall.
None of us brought a bathing suit, but it didn’t matter. You go in your underwear. We plunge ourselves into the cold water and see who can withstand the direct pressure of a smaller waterfall the longest. Again, I lost, cuz I’m not a fan of my already-sensitive neck being pummeled with extreme amounts of water from the heavy Rainy Season that literally just finished. No, but in a scenario like this, trust me, there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself. I gazed up to the sun peeking through the jungle foliage, and again, wondered what I could have possibly done in the past few weeks to deserve this kind of great karma.
We move to a lunch spot – the front porch of a older Thai woman who wore a pink sundress and walked with a limp. She made me this meal of rice, eggs, and vegetables for $1.14.
$1 rice and veggies in phuket
Jetlag hitting me
Jetlag fully formulated at this point (mixed with the itis), we hop back on the motorbikes and we ride another thirty minutes to Northeast of Phuket Island, where I had to film a little video for my mom because the bay and islets looked so much like the TV show Survivor – a series we used to religiously watch every Thursday night. I was so obsessed with the show in elementary school that I even bought a tribal bandana from my favorite tribe from Season 2.
Russian AirBNB host giving me the Phuket tour
Still not done with this day that I was so close to not even experiencing. We take off on the motorbikes, and return to the Western side of Phuket Island, to Naithon Beach – a less crowded beach in the fancy, luxurious Laguna area. It’s sunset. Of course it’s sunset right when we pull up, because that’s just how these kind of days go. Everything falls into place when you let it.
Sunset on Naithon Beach in Phuket, Thailand
Naithon beach waves
Naithon Beach Sunset in Phuket, Thailand
Watching the sunset on Naithon Beach
These are the moments everyone should experience while in Thailand. This is what I came for, thank you Rihanna. All of that life I lived today was so worth it, because now, on top of all the other blogs I have to write, I was able to write this one…all from my bed at 2:35am – just as my AirBNB host and his Russian friend recommended.

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