Sunset in Shimokitazawa


You know there’s a lot to do in a city when it takes me until Day 10 to just start looking into thrift stores. My first few days in Tokyo were filled with the youzh – visiting the Shinjukus, the Shibuyas, and the Shinagawas – but now it was time for another nearly-unpronounceable “Sh” neighborhood: Shimokitazawa.
Shimokitazawa is the go-to neighborhood for hipsters – and I know a sentence like that either attracts you or makes you want to stay far away – but really, if you like thrift stores, vintage shops, and an industrial, artsy feel for a neighborhood, come through. If you feel like central Tokyo is a bit restricting in terms of street fashion and Harajuku a bit too mainstream, Shimokitazawa is a much-needed getaway for fashion finds. This first picture should be enough to convince you alone.
Here’s my Sunday, at sunset in Shimokitazawa:
Shimokitazawa | Friendly hipsters wanting their photo taken
Shimokitazawa | parking lot
Shimokitazawa |hipster central
Shimokitazawa |So cool it hurts
Shimokitazawa |What's hipster without under construction?
Shimokitazawa |Welcome to Shimokitazawa
Shimokitazawa |Hipster, underground vibe
Shimokitazawa |Shops and Stores
Shimokitazawa |Japanese store
Shimokitazawa | Minamo
Shimokitazawa |Japanese vending machines
Shimokitazawa |Under-construction
Shimokitazawa |Like mother, like son riding bikes.
Shimokitazawa |Flamingo thrift store
Shimokitazawa |Flamingo Thrift
Shimokitazawa |990 Yen Store
Shimokitazawa |Cheap thrift stores in Tokyo

Have you ever been to the Tokyo hipster neighborhood Shimokitazawa?


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