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A Sunday in Silver Lake


Are you cool? Ok, so you’d probably like Silver Lake.
Squished between two other cool hangouts Echo Park and Los Feliz, the neighborhood of Silver Lake remains king of the hipster on the West Coast.
Well, as long as we don’t include anywhere in San Francisco. Or Portland?
For the LA creative types who work freelance, have been vegan for like 8 years, or dress like they’re from the 70s, there’s no neighborhood better than Silver Lake. Originally earning its name from the Silver Lake Reservoir (please don’t think it’s a lake where you can go to picnic on a Sunday afternoon, like I did), the neighborhood’s streets surrounding Silver Lake Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard are home to independent coffee shops, indie music venues, vintage thrift shops, and a few burrito stands here and there. I don’t know how many times the following sentence has to be written before it’s become too cliché, but people say Silver Lake is the Williamsburg of the West.
If Silver Lake were a person, he (or “she”) would be the low-key indie rocker that looks a bit unkempt from the outside, but is really the coolest one in the room once you get to him. In the four times we had been to LA before the two and half months we just spent living here, we had never once been to Silver Lake, so what better time to go exploring than on a Sunday that looks like there could potentially be a torrential downpour?
So yes, all in all, in conclusion, to recap, resume, and summarize: Silver Lake is to LA what Williamsburg is to New York City. And I think you should go explore.

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