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No more dusty and crusty travel stories. Welcome to the modern day postcard.

What we love

Short and funny with a punch!

We want 3-4 paragraphs of the good, the bad, the messy, and THE FUNNY! Nothing is off limits as long as it’s done in a tasteful manner!


Spunky, borderline risky writing that sounds like you’re writing to yourself in a diary, or like you’re telling your best friend a really interesting, funny, or ridiculous story. Posts should be casual and unfiltered. Write something you would actually read, not what your teachers have trained you to think is good writing. We’re humans, not MLA robots.

Vibrant travel pics

This part speaks for itself!

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Shoot your email to: contribute@shutupandgo.travel

Also, please remember to make sure that you’re familiar with our community and our voice before submitting. The editor has the final say on the voice of submissions in order to make sure that all posts are in-line with our standards.

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