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Got a juicy, inspirational, informative piece to tell? Don’t be stingy, share it with us! We review every piece to make sure it’s in line with our voice and brand, so please read the FAQ’s below.

What we love


We want the good, the bad, the messy, and THE FUNNY! Nothing is off limits as long as it’s done in a tasteful manner! Every post, even those with tips + tricks, should be accompanied with personal experiences.


Spunky, borderline risky writing that sounds like you’re writing to yourself in a diary, or like you’re telling your best friend a really interesting, funny, or ridiculous story. Posts should be casual and unfiltered. Write something you would actually read, not what your teachers have trained you to think is good writing. We’re humans, not MLA robots.


The goal of our posts is to let the readers feel like they’re joining you on your journey. Use tons of imagery and descriptive language in order to show how you felt during your trip! In return, the reader will feel the same.

Vibrant travel pics

To accompany your post, send your best (good quality) flicks, all in the same VSCO filter, of you diving into a lagoon or twerking on the Eiffel Tower! If you were having so much fun that you forgot to take pics –– that’s fine! Just let us know if you don’t have any photos when you send your first draft.

Contributors from all over the world

Anyone from anywhere can be a shut up and go-er. We want to hear your stories from all parts of the globe! So, don’t be shy… this is YOUR space too.

What we don’t love

Formal Writing

Anything that could belong in the New York Times, or anything overly wordy to sound intelligent. We also do not want cheesy, and fluffy, adjectives like “wonderful, amazing, fabulous, awesome, cool, authentic.” Instead, we want contributors to describe what was “amazing” about a scenario. When you use these “cheat words” you remove the opportunity of actually describing something in a way that will bring readers to the moment with you. We’re writing travel content, so transporting readers to where you were or are is extremely important.

This is what I did posts

I.E “I went to the store, then we went to the Louvre, then we ate lunch.” That’s great and all, but did you find a potential boo-thang in this store? Did you almost trip in front of the Mona Lisa? Did you try something out of your comfort zone for lunch? When writing your post, make sure to relive your experience, so we can live through YOU!

Post that hadn’t been proofread

Even the best writers make mistakes, we’re all human! The best way to fix this lil’ problem is to have a friend read over your post before you send it to us. Even our team reads each other’s posts –– language is tricky!

Cultural insensitivity

Nuh uh –– we don’t do this. It is absolutely fine to be critical of a place (I.E. Why It’s Time for Me to Leave New York), but it is important to be cautious of any problematic ethnocentric views (I.E. referring to someone’s culture as ‘weird’ or ‘backwards’). Y’all are amazing and eager to learn and share, so we’re sure that this won’t be a problem!

How to submit

Craft an email

– Introduce yourself and your story.
– Attach your story in document form (no PDFs). Even if your photos are in the document, please attach them to actual email as well.

Send us your social media links. (We want to make sure that you get credit for your post! Plus, our readers will want to keep up with you.)

Shoot your email to:

Also, please remember to make sure that you’re familiar with our community and our voice before submitting. The editor has the final say on the voice of submissions in order to make sure that all posts are in-line with our standards.

YAY! We’re excited to read your articles!