Student Travel Groups to Try When You Shut Up & Go


Okay, I know what you’re thinking. You probably read this title and instantly thought back to the time you were researching a cheaper way to explore Europe on EF College Break’s website, saw the prices, and said “hell nah.” You ain’t the only one, I’ve been there too.

The last time I looked for an all exclusive student travel group was when I was in high school. At that time, I was obsessed with the idea of traveling, but I had no resources to actually shut up and go. So I resorted to research various countries on the web, pout at luxury travel magazines, and read about travel destinations I hope to see one day. *Sigh* Broke Raph could only dream…

Lyon, France

Fast forward a couple of years later and Broke Raph is still… Broke Raph but with a lil twist: travel experience and ambition. Being broke calls for innovative ways to save your coins! However, hear me out: you can still travel on a budget and save money by joining student travel groups that’ll sound like music to your empty pockets.

Being broke calls for innovative ways to save your coins.

While studying abroad in Belgium junior year, I, Broke Raph, desperately wanted to make the most out of my experience. I didn’t know when I’ll see the Eiffel Tower again or hike in Interlaken so I took advantage. I resorted to traveling neighboring cities by train and bus, cutting my transportation expenses in half. Since I was in Belgium, it was waaaaaay cheaper to pay for train tickets to the Netherlands and Germany. I searched for flights using Ryanair (and Ryanair only) and bought tickets on Tuesdays and Thursdays to get an even more discounted price. Lastly, I highly considered European student travel agencies because not only did they have pretty decent prices, they brought students to destinations that were tedious to reach solely using Ryanair.

Lyon, France

Broke Raph did it but on her own terms. And so can you. But the reason why I’m writing this today is not only to convince you to travel with student travel agencies. My goal is to encourage you to ponder about the endless possibilities you’ll gain from traveling alongside college students in your same age gap. It is possible to travel to 4 different cities in 2 countries for 4 days for only… 200 euros. Yes, you read that correctly. I told you, Broke Raph don’t play.

Here are 4 low-key student travel groups to consider when you finally Shut Up & Go:
Chamonix, France. pm2am took us to see Mount Blanc - Europes highest mountain!
Wanderlust Student Trips

The name says it all! Wanderlust is a great student travel agency that is run by…students themselves! They create trips for students like you and me to explore various hidden gems of Europe. Their tours start from Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium. Not to mention, it’s completely affordable with prices starting from 50 euros. I got the wonderful opportunity to travel to Prague and Dresden, two destinations for $129! Next time you’re in the low countries, consider a trip with Wanderlust.

Pm2am Student Agency

Another agency run by students, pm2am is student travel agency that not only caters to students but those in between the ages of 18-35 regardless of occupation. Founded by 3 uni students who understood the struggles of traveling budget-friendly, pm2am caters to uni students by offering affordable budget-friendly trips without compromising the number of destinations and quality of their services. To compensate for not returning home for the holidays, I treated myself to a 4-day Christmas trip, visiting both France and Switzerland.

Interlaken, Switzerland
ESN (Erasmus Student Network)

If you’re studying abroad or have plans to hop the pond soon, I highly recommended checking out Erasmus Student Network at your uni abroad. It’s basically Europe’s version of study abroad but 10x more elite + cheaper than US abroad programs. While I was studying in Leuven, the ESN had an office there and would host countless events and trips for a very reasonable price if you were a member.

It only costs 15 euros to become a member for a year! Talk about cheap – that sounded like music to my broke ears! Once you become a member, all trips and events are discounted!


Founded in 2003, Bus2alps is currently the largest student tour operator based in Europe. Today, they run trips to more than 50 destinations in Europe and even North Africa at a budget-friendly price. From weekend trips to day trips to fall/spring break trips and even private tours, each travel package is completely worth it because it included adventure activities such as skiing, paragliding, and even skydiving.

Chaonix, France

So are you sure you want to spend 400+ euros on a plane ticket to Nice or join a student travel agency to the French Riveria for only 200 euros? Your pick.

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