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Beyonce once said Lemme Upgrade You, and this month I feel like I’ve been doing just that. Thanks B, you’re always there. After watching her performance at the VMAs, how can you not be inspired to completely turn your life upside down…even if things are going so well? For me, that meant taking a quick trip to San Francisco for $17, moving out of LA (for a bit), and taking a flight to London to spend some time in Europe…or however long the Schengen will let me stay…legally. We’ll see where I end up, but for now, my favorites from September:

Hot yoga


Attending a hot yoga class at Fierce Grace Yoga

An amazing pic that our fellow yogi took of us

“I’m so excited; I’ve never taken Bikram yoga!” was what I said when I walked into Fierce Grace Yoga in London.

It’s not Bikram; it’s better.

was what the lady responded. This being my first time, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect other than everyone telling me that omg, I needed two 2L bottles of water and two towels…at least! When I found a cool place in London – their website totally sold me – I asked Jo and our good friend Misako if they’d wanna join, and since we all felt like lardos, despite walking 8 miles a day, we’d go check it out to devirginize my bikram hot yoga flower. When I walk in the room, I’m hit with hot thick air, that feels like a mild sauna. With each warrior pose, I felt the sweat drip and drip like I was a backup dancer in the Imma Slave 4 U music video. It felt so rejuvenating to sweat out that much, but the many bodily stenches permeating the room did make it a bit distracting to tune into your inner self. 
But for a good detox and sweat session, I’m all for it.

Jack Black SPF-20 Moisturizer

Review Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer
I’m not typical a customer at Bloomingdales, but the more I hear about using an SPF-fortified daily moisturizer, the more I felt the need/extreme pressure to go check out the skin care section – especially after, one month before, hearing that I was in the 7th% of UV damage to my skin. Great! All those years playing tennis outside and stupidly bragging about how “Sunscreen? Eh! But I never burn!” Silly youth. A salesman from another company helped me out, gave me a bag of samples, and when I used this moisturizer, it felt so much less greasy than my current Cerave AM (which I still will use here and there). If it means anything to you, someone said my face smelled good the other day.

Link | Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer

Eyefi WiFi Memory Card

I'm able to upload a photo directly to my phone with the EyeFi Wifi capabilities

*Takes photo* *Directly uploads from Eyefi card*


Jo’s new camera

Why cameras are still made without built-in WiFi in nearly 2017, I’ll never know. The camera we’ve used forever, our Canon Rebel, is WiFi-less, but we had no idea what we were missing until Jo bought a new camera that easily transfers photos straight to her iPhone, to then edit with VSCO – a last-month favorite. While Jo immediately uploaded her photos with the push of a few buttons, I was stuck waiting to transfer my photos to my laptop, to then send to my phone. This 16gb WiFi-enabled memory card was expensive, but now I can keep up with the rest of the modern world. Yes for being a modern man in a modern day and age.

Link | Eyefi MobiPro 16gb Memory Card


What were some things you discovered this month that I/We/Other Readers should look into?

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