Social Media Induced FOMO ft Ms. Pandemic



It’s been a wild month and a half. With most of the world in lockdown, (and I’m kinda hoping by the time this is published that won’t be the case) the world is changing alongside it. We’re brilliant, aren’t we? Finding new ways to communicate, collaborate, love, giggle and in some moments in this isolated ride, feel FOMO? 

Fear of missing out is one of those phrases I immediately loved when I heard it for the first time. Simply, if you experience ‘FOMO’ then you’re feeling out of touch, out of the loop. Being stuck in our houses will for sure emphasize this. We’re sleeping more, and scrolling more.

sending some postcards to keep in touch the old fashioned way!

We’re sleeping more, and scrolling more.

Now wait for a second, I know we’re all bored in the house and in the house bored, so how it is possible to feel like we’re missing out if we’re all inside?

OH, it’s possible… though before, I might’ve felt FOMO when I had a night in instead of dancing at a nightclub, Now, I’ve got FOMO about skipping pub quizzes via Zoom, virtual concerts or worse, life pre-covid. Who’d have thunk it? 

It’s impossible to NOT be missing out on stuff online nowadays. There are virtual parties, quizzes, workouts, dating (get it). Instagram really plays you sometimes.

This was a 'Dani Starter Pack' ....

Productivity has become even more of a trendy thing during quarantini. For many of us, being productive keeps us active and less panicked about the state of the world. But that doesn’t mean it should DEFINE us as much as it does. At the moment, I’m writing this, attempting to listen to TV show in Spanish, have a loaf of banana bread in the oven and a pub quiz this eve (what a lovely day). Other days, I’m lucky if I even get out of bed. One of those feels like a more successful day, but why does it?

We should always remember that the fact that we can stay inside means we’re luckier than others who don’t have that privilege (even though this doesn’t devalue anyone’s experiences – this ain’t a dream for no one). In being aware, we could probably put less pressure on ourselves to do THE MOST at every minute of the day, and in turn feel less like we’re missing out and simply, feel present. 

there is beauty in the mundane - you just have to look a little closer !

With the whole world online, it can feel like there’s too much or too little to do and yes we can feel left out sometimes but I have some ideas…

Fomo? Never heard of her...

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    Remember who your friends are!  Oh, your old best friend is having an online pub quiz and didn’t invite you…? Sucks. But stop b!tching about it and make your own party. Download one of the many video apps and have a little fun of your own. Invite friends, catch up, giggle, get drunk. It’s almost like the real thing… 

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    CTRL, ALT DELETE – No one is forcing you to follow, watch stories or better yet, like photos of people who make you feel not so great. Whether it’s your ex-turned-superstar baker as reported from Insta or an influencer who is talking smack about something you don’t agree with. Just delete them! Or mute them if you’re not feeling dramatic enough. It’s your feed, don’t introduce negative energy wherever it comes from.

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    Give your phone a break – No one’s calling you really, no one’s asking why you’re late for work. Revel in this. There’s nothing like leaving your phone off for the day, turning it on to find loads of notifications and catching up on funny texts way too late.

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    Talk… If you’re isolating alone (or with people you’re not a big fan of), you might find yourself going most of the day without speaking to another person. Reach out, chat your heart out – it’s cathartic. The solo travel team will vouch for me here – a friendly voice can really give you the pick-up you need.

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    Remember that you might also be part of the problem – I got the idea for this post last week when I was entirely overwhelmed with how much fun some people were having online. I’ll be honest, I was a little jealous! People are going to LEGIT virtual discos and no one thought to invite me.. shocking. Then, later that night I posted a video of me and my brothers dancing and my friends flooded in with replies ‘This is amazing I wish I had brothers’, ‘I wanna be dancing’ etc. Then I realized I might also be one of those people, making other feel a little bit UGH when I post too! I’m not suggesting don’t have fun, but just be aware your feelings are totally legit and someone could feel the same way because of you. That’s just social media though, I swear it was designed to let us brag about whatever we’re doing. We’ve all done it! 


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    Keep busy in a non-capitalist dream way – True.. it’s a hard one. All I mean is: don’t spend ALL your time wishing you were going a flight somewhere. Travel’s on a break atm but that doesn’t mean we have to be. This time is (hopefully) one of the only moments in our lives when we can truly sleep in, watch movies you missed, or re-read your favourite childhood book (and realise it’s accidentally sexist- true story). There’s a whole world inside, just explore it for now.

I got actually trashed at this pub quiz - best thing? I didn't even have to commute home!

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