Snapping Away San Diego


If you’ve ever watched our Snapchat (@damonandjo), you might have noticed that I’m not exactly the MVP of the snap-o-sphere. I, Joanna Franco, admit that I was originally anti-Snapchat because 1. it’s ANOTHER social media platform to keep updating which makes it more of a chore and less of a fun side thing, and 2. because the pictures and videos you take disappear into a black abyss of “where the hell did my awesome story go?”
But because it’s been almost three years of my closest friends on Snapchat, I decided to drop my granny act of shaking my fists angrily on the sidelines and try to put a little Snap in my step just in time for my San Diego trip with the girls.

If you’re new to Snapchat too, the gimmick is that the “Snaps” delete themselves from your story after 24 hours… Unless, of course, you let your inner memory-hoarder takeover and download several snaps to keep FOREVER! Muahaha!
Here’s what San Diego looked like from my Snapchat:

IMG_088864º in January, totally normal here in Paradise.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 2.05.58 PMWe started the day with an Eggs “Bennie” Breakfast at this cute little café called Fig Tree Eatery in Hillcrest. Think Whole Foods having a baby with Denny’s and you have the perfect location to please four different gals.

We walked off the carbs with a stroll in San Diego’s Seaport Village, where the view was so good we felt inspired to go bike riding; $5 for 30 minutes of wheeling around.

After the food fully digested, my friends felt like going in hardcore tourist mode; somehow I agreed to pay a ridiculous $57 to visit the World Famous San Diego Zoo. The plan was going well, until  I saw a baby Giraffe running around and had a hippie conflict about zoos in general.

Am I the only one that thinks we’re paying money to clap and coo at prisoners? Come on, if the lion and polar bear could speak, they’d easily tell us to go shove our cameras where the sun don’t shine.

Before leaving the zoo, I had to get my money’s worth and convinced the girls to go on the “Skyfari,” the zoo’s ski lift transportation to different sections of the park. I was pumping everyone up to go on, only to realize that I’m afraid of basically everything, including getting stuck in a “Skyfari.”

I regained my cool when we arrived at Point Loma to watch the sunset on the Best Coast with the best friends.
sunset After my San Diego Snapchat experiment, I have to admit, I’ve become a Snapping supporter. Bottom line is if the most important people in my life are posting the best, funniest, and most personable moments on their stories, I figured it’s not worth it to miss out.

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