Shut Up and Go Shop Our New Merch Line

After months and months of our own horrible Photoshop designs followed by hundreds of dollars spent on other designers’ work, we finally created a merch line we would actually wear. Shirts we could cozy up in on the couch, but then in which we could also head out for drinks… without changing. In other words, we didn’t want to create just another basic bootleg b!tch merch line. We spent time and money to make these items functional… and fashionable.

We know you could already fill a piece of paper with excuses on why you shouldn’t do something – let’s not let fashion be one of those. The oat tee is made out of the coziest, lightest materials (50% Cotton 25% Poly 25% Rayon – if you know what that means? I don’t.) and is perfect for a long airplane flight – actually any airplane flight (we understand how uncomfortable it is). The black tee makes Shut Up and Go look like the buzziest high fashion line off the Paris 2019 Fall/Winter runway. The oversized violet tee is the kind of dad tee you pair with a pair of light denim and then look 10x more free-spirited in your Instagram photo. The Shut Up and Go tote bag is big enough to carry all that baggage you’ve accumulated from your travels – both literally and figuratively – and it looks sharp and spunky enough to wear with really any outfit – as opposed to your sponsored supermarket canvas bag. The chocolate and gray dad hats are perfect for working out, vegging out, and overall looking out… for premature wrinkles that the sun’s UV rays cause on our weak little under-eyes. The Shut Up and Go pin is a black and gold pin that feels fancy enough to be a topic of conversation at a black-tie dinner, but that could also double as a pin on your backpack that flickers in the distance to the haters as you Shut Up and Go live the life that was meant to be yours.

Visit the Shut Up and Go store to purchase.

Sizes worn in photos:

  • Black shirt: small
  • Oat shirt: small
  • Purple shirt: medium


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