5 Hacks That'll Save You Hundreds of Dollars on Your Next Trip

Cheap gang here with all the tips.

I know there are thousands of articles and videos out there on the “how tos” to cheap travel, and eventually, you start to question if it works because you’re still out here finding flights worth more than an arm, a leg, and a second mortgage to boot. Don’t worry. I’m here with the R.E.C.E.I.P.T.S.  I bring you 5 tried and tested tricks to a thicc wallet (or at least padded).

Flights Not Feelings

You can go on all the cheap sites you want: Skyscanner, Hopper, Skiplagged, Google. Nothing is going to work if you are looking for roundtrip flights to Paris in the middle of July. Start by looking into local destinations and work your way farther from home, but best of all, 2 words folks. The secret to all my travels. Off 👏🏽 Season👏🏽 (mistake fares never hurt either)

RECEIPTI mean spring break in Italy, Czechia, and Spain for only ~ $650. Need I say more?

Italy in the Spring isn’t necessarily off season, but the crowds are so much more manageable.

Stretch Those Legs

Layovers! Please look for them! Take advantage of them! Don’t make the mistake and look strictly for nonstop flights unless you’re looking for ways to lose money. Flexibility is key, compare the prices between nonstop, 1-2+ stops, and maybe even multi-city tickets.

Spontaneity is great, but careful planning can sometimes save you hundreds.

RECEIPTMy 15hr layover in Lisbon on my way to Rome basically got 2 trips for the price of one.

6am arrival. 8am city view.

Home Sweet Home

Lodging is a little trickier. Not everyone will be comfortable CouchSurfing, so an alternative, keep in mind how many people you are traveling with. Hostels are your best bet if you’re solo traveling. Traveling with at least one other friend? Don’t forget to check Airbnb costs before settling on a hostel. You’ll be surprised how cheap they can be on off seasons.

RECEIPTPrague. Entire apartment. Bedroom with a view. Only $20.

Still can’t believe we snagged this beauty.

Street food. All day. Everyday.

If there is anything that has significantly cut costs for me, it’s street food. Believe me, your wallet will notice the difference between you sitting down and having a restaurant meal and grabbing a bite to eat from a vendor. You’re avoiding unnecessary charges for the water and bread you order while waiting for your food, you’re avoiding the temptation of the overpriced dessert (I’m projecting), and you’re avoiding that bill at the end of the night with the tip attached.

RECEIPT: Cue Madrid; Paella for €2 at a food market VS the ~ €15 bill for the paella from the restaurant around the block.

Evidence that I can not take a picture unless coerced with food.

Chase A Bag

Saving up is not a tip and more of a necessity if you’re shutting up and going on a budget, but one of the best avenues I’ve found to financial independence and building a great safety net is virtual freelancing. One of the biggest setbacks to traveling—next to saving the coins of course—is asking for time off and risking those coins. But worry not friends, with virtual freelancing you can ensure a little pocket money while you’re hopping on a train to your next destination.

RECEIPT: that satisfying *cha-ching* my bank account made halfway through my train ride into Venice.

Venice was a mess of amateur travel mistakes, but the views kinda made up for it.

And if none of these tips work for you, the DamonandJo “$20 in” challenge has gotten me out of some sticky travel days.

Don’t let the world tell you that travel is a luxury only reserved for some. Down with the bourgeoisie. The proletariat shall rise. Finesse the system and live your life.

Comment below some creative ways you’ve saved some $$$ to Shut Up and Go!

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