Going Natural: Where to Find Natural Products in Europe


HEY! It’s your fav naturalista back again with an article that’ll make your coily strands shiver with adrenaline. Did that make sense? Not entirely sure but that’s not the point. This month on Going Natural, we’re focused on natural products. While traveling halfway across the Atlantic Ocean may seem like a dream come true, let’s be real: natural hair products are often scarce while abroad. As sad as it is, it’s our current black reality. It’s imperative to understand that there are a couple of ways to avoid a dry scalp while on the go.


Let’s put it into a scenario:

You’ve just arrived at Brussels airport and your hostel is 45 minutes away. You catch the express bus to Brussel-Noord (Brussels North), take the train to the city center, and walk the rest of the way to your hostel because Brussels is a compact area. Your tired, little legs don’t mind getting some extra steps in because why not?

Exercise is key.

You arrive at your hostel, empty your bag, scour through your luggage, clear out each section of your bag until you realize… you barely have enough products to last throughout your trip – barely for the next few days. Not to mention, you barely have a basic understanding of the city and you just don’t have time to actually buy products. What do you do? I’m gonna be honest, I would throw a mental tantrum – how could I disrespect myself like this?

These types of scenarios are mentally and emotionally strenuous. Just when you thought you caught a W (win), you actually caught more Ls (losses). Whether you’re staying in your country of choice for 2 weeks or a month, it’s absolutely vital to have a basic geographical understanding of where to get last minute products – especially when yo’ life (appearance) absolutely depends on it.

Below are 5 alternatives and last minute natural hair sites to use to save your pockets while on your European getaway:

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    My Natural Curls

    A Dutch online store that caters to various natural hair brands such as Cantu, Shea Moisture, JessiCurl, Curls, Auntie Jackie’s, and other well-known brands. If you happen to be in the Netherlands and need some last-minute products, hit up My Natural Curls! They’ll deliver pretty quickly – even for those who live in other European countries.

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    Beauty by Zara

    This British site is a must-have for my last-minute shoppers! From natural hair care brands similar to Miss Jessies, DevaCurl, and Camille Rose, Beauty by Zara is the place to be! And what’s great is that they ship worldwide – how cute.

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    Locken Idol

    Another European website based in Germany, Locken Idol offers a wide range of natural hair brands similar to My Natural Curls and Beauty by Zara, which is great if you can’t find what you’re looking for on either of those websites. The only unfortunate thing is the high shipping costs if you live outside of Germany, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

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    AfroRicci is an Italian website that provides discounted natural hair products and free shipping on orders over 60 euros. Another fun tip is that once you open the website, they ask you what your hair type is and they recommend hair products that accommodate your hair from type 2 to type 4 hair.

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    Create your own natural hair remedy

    What’s great about having natural hair is that you actually have the option of using various food products to freshen up your curls because let’s face it, your hair is a plant. It responds well to products like mayo, eggs, avocado, and other various oils that will, no doubt, rejuvenate your curls.

It’s tedious – I know; I’ve been there, and I’m still there whenever I travel. But there are levels to this struggle, as well as ways to work around that struggle. Especially in our globalized society, there’s more ethnic representation than 10 years ago. So, if you ever find yourself stuck in a situation where you need last minute products, don’t be afraid to be innovative – you never know what’ll work best for your hair.

*Looks in suitcase and sees no hair products*

“Why doesn’t the universe want me to succeed”

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