Postcard Poem From Paris


This post was contributed by Aiman Ghani.



Of course I take my baggage with me. Where else would I store my belongings?

the city makes me think of you 

so when i am walking it

i hear a song in my head 

one comprised of memory after memory 

that i do not care for anymore – but that the metro and the sky, when the sun looks just so, and the cafes, looking the same as they always did – fool me into thinking i am the same as i was

and thus, that everything is the same as it was


even the stars at night 

they look just the same 

when i walk down the road i feel 

sweat and sorrow and heaviness on my chest

but amidst it all i feel one single drop of joy 


it will cause me to twirl on the sidewalk like they do in films because i am dreamy that way

all this sorrow in me 

a world so dark i feel blinded 

when anything comes my way 

eyes shrinking 

unused to working 

and unhappy to have to 


but isn’t it magic 

when a giant city – full of people who 

have had it much longer than me 

and a million people who will have it, who will step and spit and beg and wish on every place i ever was – can feel so tiny that i stole it for my brain 


i am not a thief, see, just a traveler 

collecting settings for the stories in my

head to play out on 

and for the memories, well,

you are a city, my sweet friend 

everywhere i go in this city –

heart crushed under the burden 

of grieving a living person – 

you are here, too 

in the window shopfronts 

in the pigeons and the crosswalks 

and the throaty sounds that make

language for some people 

so i do not know 

if i want to let go of you 

not yet

but maybe next year 


in the meantime 

i will keep all my travels 

even if on some of them 

when i don’t want to 

my brain still brings you 

even if on some of them

when i don’t want to

my brain still brings me 

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Meet Aiman: Aiman is currently working on revising her #ownvoices fiction novel and is going to be a published author one day soon. She likes media that makes her feel, learning ASL, and working with horses. Make sure to keep up with her blog. 



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