Porto Photo Diary


It was a wet seven days I spent in Porto. It would have been perfect if I felt like Portugal was a place it should be gray, raining, and very depressing-looking while I’m visiting, but to me, Portuguese towns should always be seen with some light sunlight – like at 7pm when the sun is setting and the sunrays are beaming across the city and lighting up the orange rooftops.
Yeah, wasn’t the case.
My time in Porto was rather defined by the following photos.
A typical Portuguese street that you'd find in Porto
I almost named this blog, “Porto: The City That Sleeps” because it’s a city that slowly starts opening its stores around noon. I spent the mornings walking from my AirBNB at Marques to the city center, passing many streets that looked like the above photo.
People watching in Porto from above.
A street in Porto with colorful flags
The raininess totally gave the city a grittiness I wasn’t expecting. Portugal is an old country; maintaining the country’s history also means maintaining its original grit and grime.
An older man walks up steps in PortoA man, alone, smoking in a small street in Porto
I saw these men walking a small alleyway I felt the need to walk down. I like taking these photos because these are the ones that make you wonder who these people are. Have they always lived in Porto? What do they do every day? Do they have children? Have they lived abroad? Traveled? I mean, a life fully lived out in Portugal must be so different than one fully lived out in the United States. What do they have in common with my grandparents back in the US?
A Portuguese seagull enjoying the view from the miradouoro in Porto
Laundry hanging outside a yellow Portuguese building.
It’s the little things. Don’t take for granted the fact that you may be able to hang your dirty drawers in your private space, because there are many, many, many people around the world who have to literally let it all hang out. Really makes you re-question your underwear choices, hm?
The evening view from my AirBNB in Porto
The view from my AirBNB for six nights. These doors led out to a balcony that I wished I could have spend more time on – having a coffee, reading a city guide, doing everything and nothing on my phone, or just being – but to bring this blog all full-circle, it rained every day, so I didn’t get that. But what I did get was an amazing time in Porto. Aw, cheesy moment to close this blog. How cute Damon.

Your thoughts on Porto?


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