People of Tokyo


The people of Tokyo; man, they’re everywhere. Not just everyone, but everything is everywhere.
The men become one in the blur of their black and suits, while the women wear beige. Boys on the metro giggle while showing each other their smartphones. Girls walk in flocks with rosy cheeks and plush stuffed animals hooked onto their backpacks. It seems like one out of every four people is wearing a face mask. LCD displays light up the colorful streets of convenience stores, vending machines, and restaurant names can’t understand.
The first step to understanding Tokyo: accepting that you won’t understand.
I’ve traveled to many cosmopolitan cities around the world, and none of them feel like this. Part of that is due to the linguistic differences, and part of that is the city and its people. To a Westerner, Tokyo looks like chaos in the numerous viral videos of commuters being packed into metros and outrageous characters in Japanese game shows, but after you arrive and the initial buzz settles down, what you find is more peace and quiet than anything. What once was just chaos now is more like controlled chaos.
Check out the people of Tokyo:
People of Tokyo | Older women looking for a building
People of Tokyo | Woman walking in Shinjuku
People of Tokyo | Commuters waiting patiently for the Tokyo metro
People of Tokyo | Japanese girls outside of toy vending machines
People of Tokyo | Japanese business man on his cellphone
People of Tokyo | Quiet chaos of Shinjuku
People of Tokyo | Lawson convenience store in Tokyo
People of Tokyo | Japanese woman at a French boulangerie in Tokyo
People of Tokyo | Japanese elders
People of Tokyo | Colorful chaos of Oimachi
People of Tokyo | Beige is in style in Tokyo, clearly
People of Tokyo | Japanese boys on their way to school
People of Tokyo | Japanese woman wearing a kimono in Ueno

This is just the beginning of painting the picture of what it’s like to be a foreigner in Tokyo.

What was your experience like in Tokyo?

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