NYC Coffee Shops With Couches


Finding the perfect NYC coffee shop is a struggle. Trust me, I get it. One of the first (and most important, might I add) aspects to a city, for me, is it’s coffee shop culture Now that I’ve lived four years in NYC, I think I’ve finally found ones that I love and love enough to want to recommend.

These coffee shops have been selected based on certain criteria, but having a big orange couch like the one in FRIENDS is obviously the real deciding factor here.

These are my favorite NYC coffee shops with couches:


2nd Ave & E 91stDTUT 1DTUT 2DTUT-6DTUT 3 DTUT 4

DTUT, or Downtown-Uptown (I had to ask one day), is my all-time favorite uptown coffee shop, mainly because it feels like a large, cozy living room that I def’ don’t have in my micro-sized apartment. I used to come here everyday to get work done, until they imposed a new rule of no wifi after 5pm, which I both love and hate them for.

More love though.

Because you’ll notice at night that this place becomes a local hangout, mixed with Upper East Side families eating cheese fondu or s’mores (yes, s’mores!) and twenty and thirty somethings enjoying a beer.

Think Coffee Mercer

248 Mercer Street


There are a few things to love about Think Coffee. 1) The fact that they have four locations located throughout the Village. 2) The fact that they donate 10% of after-tax earnings to local non-profits. 3) The feeling you get when you walk in. It’s bustling, moving, engaging; people seem to be on their laptops working on something; it seems to be the key meetup place for NYU students, as well at Meetup groups.

Why Not Café

175 Orchard Streetwhy-not-cafe-2 why-not-cafe-3 why-not-cafe-1

If you’re an all-around artsy-fartsy kind of person, WhyNot, is the coffee shop for you. Their two locations, both located downtown, are a mix of a coffee shop, bar, and art gallery (seen by all the artwork covering the walls). Each table is a bit tiny, but apparently, just the right size to fit all the Macbook Airs you’ll see when you walk in. 100 bonus points for the number of the electrical outlets in this coffee shop.

Brooklyn Roasting Co

25 Jay Street

brooklyn roasting co 4brooklyn roasting co 1brooklyn roasting co 2brooklyn roasting co 3

If you come here and don’t order the Mocha Java blend, I’ll be completely disappointed in your choices since I think it’s honestly the best coffee I’ve ever tasted, but coffee preferences aside, since that’s all subjective anyway, the layout and industrial design of this place (let alone location next to the East River waterfront), is what makes this place probably my all-time favorite…ever…around the world.

The place has got an industrial Brooklyn kind of vibe, much like it’s neighborhood. The bar seating next to the tall windows is my personal favorite corner of the café to get work done, but the big orange couches come in as a close second, if they’re not already taken by another entrepreneur/Brooklynite/hipster/creative.

Nowadays, not that it’s surprising, Brooklyn Roasting Co. is winning all kinds of accolades, all of which I would have also nominated and voted for them to win, too. You go Brooklyn Roasting Co, you go!

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