4 Other Things to Do in Napa Besides Tasting Wine

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Okay, let’s keep it real. When we think Napa, we usually think wine country. Yep! The name “Napa” rings boujee brunches, overlooking the vineyard, with your besties. Look, that sounds great… we’re not even mad about it.

Although Napa has been killing the wine game, that’s not all that they do well. The next time you’re in Napa, here’s something else to taste besides wine:

Photo Cred: regan76 via Flickr
It’s time to get cheesy

Smile and say cheese, because that’s what you’re going to feel like doing once you taste that good Gouda. Whether you live in Napa or you are visiting your aunt Beth, you’ve got to check out California Cheese Trail.

When you’re here, you’ll get to tour different farms and cheese vendors, such as Sierra Nevada Cheese or Vella Cheese Co. You’ll learn about how the cheese is made while munching on some every minute of the tour. Yes, we know cheese can be stinky, but it’s soooo worth the taste.

Cheerz for beerz

Although we all love some wine, Napa is no one-trick pony. Head down to Fieldwork and taste their freshly brewed beers. *Hipsters and beer-lovers rejoice*

Our favorite thing to do is hit the tap room, sit down and try a bit of everything. How are you going to know what you like if you haven’t given it a try? Funky names like Abandoned Earth, Atomic Garden, and Peach Parfait are going to confuse you, so you might as well taste them all!

Once a foodie, always a foodie

We all know location is everything in California. With LA’s traffic, we’re scared to ever take chance ever again! So, when you’re about to book your flight to Napa, make sure you book a centrally-located hotel. It makes suuuuch a difference – Napa area hotels is a good place to start looking for what’s best for YOU.

Another thing, don’t lie, you know we’re all foodies at heart. The worst feeling is getting somewhere and wasting your tummy space on food you don’t even like. Nuh huh – check out Rooted Fork Foodie Tours to make sure your tummy’s time and space are treated right. They’ll hook you up with breakfast foods to meats and everything in between; this is a tasting that you will find worth your time.

Phot Cred: Tim Bennet via Unsplash
Olive oil for the win

Have you ever had that experience where you’ve tried one olive oil, and because that one was so dang good, no others will ever compare. Mhm… that’s how we felt after visiting Italy. We’re always skeptical, but at the same time, we love to eat so we’ll never deny trying some new food. Round Pond Estate is taking over Napa’s olive oil industry. They even take you on tours and allow you to check out the harvesting process. Okay, but the part that really matters is that you get to snack on a bunch of bites with wine vinegar and olive oil. Yuuuuum! Who said education can’t be delicious?

Don’t get us wrong – we LOVE wine tastings.

But it’s always refreshing to realize that a destination doesn’t just do one thing well. We love versatility. Between cheese, beer, olive oil, and food, clearly Napa is #winning!

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