My Love and Hate Romance with London: A Photo Diary


Leaving London sort of felt like a break up. We’d been in a big old on again off again, ‘I love you’, ‘I hate you’ situ for 4 years and I finally bit the cheese and decided to move to Barcelona, my one true love. 

I don’t know exactly when the love started to fade. 

My slow but sure progression of hatred for the tube, or could it be when I came home from Uni and caught a mouse running across MY BED? Perhaps, the third time our hot water and the pressure stopped for a good few weeks on end (Estate Agent who royally ruined our lives for a year, you know who you are), or was it the weird men who hissed at me in their Prius’ as I walked home from work more than once, WHO knows? 

Or maybe it was the fact that all this was happening but I still had to pay for overpriced rent every. single. month. But it was London! And there’s definitely something special about it. Plus, I lived with my best friends in the entire world and was super super happy if not a little tired.

It’s exactly as complicated as any of my relationships. 

So, now I’m in Barcelona and the grass is actually greener. Probably because of the sun. I definitely love it here so far. Last weekend, I went olive picking in the mountains to make olive oil? This weekend, I went to Girona and ran round various Game of Thrones locations with sangria in my system. In London, I’d go to the local Tesco for olive oil and watch GOT with bad quality (and content, second half of season 6) on my laptop live at 3AM. Es diferente. 


Yet, even so, sometimes I catch myself thinking… when I get back in a year, maybe I’ll do it all over again.


Now, imagine this as a rom-com montage, when the GIRL realises, even though the love interest who treated her badly throughout the whole movie, lying to her, flirting with her mates, doing everything they should never do, maybe they deserve a second chance? Because… look at all the nice moments they had together… 

My first night in London started a little like this.. my lock didn't work and I'd convinced myself that all my new flatmates were going to rob all of my photos and decorative flowers so I locked myself in. Seriously.
Went on a freezing cold free graffiti walking tour around Shoreditch and Brick Lane. Our tour guide spoke so mysteriously about Banksy that I'm still convinced he is Banksy.
My best friends surprising me by taking me to my favourite sushi place in London for my birthday and turning 21 by Greenwich Meridian. Actually one of my top 10 life moments.
I HAAAATE the tube!!! but I love this picture of me and my brother, and rando sleeping guy.
Perfectly placed mirror in London Bridge.
My house mates for 2017-2018. Highlights include; mice infestation, creepy next door neighbour and nights like this.
22nd birthday spent at home with my favourite people laughing after I accidentally invited two ex things to my big birthday party and they somehow became best friends. Fab. Ps. the bathroom started flooding just before this photo was taken and didn't actually stop till 3 months later.
Making American friends through Grindr (a long story). He had a bf and wanted some people to party with.
Finally going solo to an exhibition at 'The House Of Dreams' in East Dulwich after 3 years of wanting to go.
Being drunk with amazing people just next to my work; all night, every night, for all of the summer.
Love Actually: Dani Style



And even though it’ll inevitably end in divorce, you still somehow enjoy the ending…of her dramatically getting off the flight rushing to her lameboi love interest… or London.

(Cinderella had friends that were mice!)



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