A moment at Chloe's Café


San Francisco is about the last place I thought I’d have already visited three times this year…and yet I keep finding a reason to come back. You know how it works around here. “Oh, you know, but that one thing is happening in San Francisco, so I have to go” is a very vague, and very typical sentence in the @DamonAndJo household. Let alone a totally logical reason to STFU and GTFO. I don’t think people realize just how easy it is to get away and have an exciting and different experience – ugh, I feel so cliché even writing that sentence – but really, even if it does mean taking a bus for eight-hours, the point is: you’ll be fine and you’ll get there. And I find that that’s what tends to make the difference between people who travel and people who don’t.
Pink flowers in Noe Valley
Vintage San Francisco in the distance from our AirBNB
Those flowers, and that view – maybe that’s why I can keep visiting the same place over and over; I’m intrigued by the small things. Either that’s the key, or I’m completely exaggerating. Oh well, as long as I’m happy. Lol, literally just laughed at how this blog is going. But really, maybe I keep visiting these cities over and over because 1) why wouldn’t I if a bus ticket is so cheap and 2) how can we really judge a city when we’ve only been there once or twice? Clearly our experiences would vary by the neighborhood we stay in, the cuisine we eat, and the people we spend our time with. Maybe we’re not giving these cities the chance they deserve! *speech class applauds*
Then again, it’s not like we have all the time in the world to keep visiting the same places over and over to give each city “the chance it deserves!” *speech class applauds again*
#ConflictedBlogger or #BloggerWhoKeepsItReal?
Anyway, here in San Francisco, I’ve realized I’ve stayed each time in a different neighborhood: the Tenderloin, Chinatown, SOMA, and now Noe Valley – and also, each time in a different accommodation: hostel, friend’s place, hotel, and now AirBNB. How’s that for experiencing a city, hein?
With this year’s travel schedule on steroids, I think I’ve officially converted over to Team-Suburbs rather than Team-In-The-Middle-Of-It-All primarily because of the higher chill factor (ahem, and cheaper prices). It’s nice to stay in neighborhoods that are filled with mommies and their strollers, and comforting French couples, like our AirBNB hosts, for example. It’s also nice to be with the locals, and to be by the breakfast spots where locals go every Sunday. I feel like it’s always those places that make a place more what it is than the obvious reasons that people from the outside would think.
Breakfast and brunch at Chloe's Café in Noe Valley, San Francisco
There’s one moment that sticks out to me in Noe Valley, and of course it’s the one thing I didn’t photograph (probably why it was that much more special). Jo and I were sitting at Chloe’s Café, which is 500 times better than Toast Eatery, by the way. If you’re ever in Noe Valley for breakfast, that’s the one thing I can recommend. We were mid-bite into our whole-wheat walnut toast when we realized the café we’re sitting in could easily be the set of a sitcom breakfast joint. The waitress, with a pot of coffee in her hand, laughed as she chatted with her coworkers behind the counter. A couple in their 30s looked deep into a meaningful discussion, going back and forth over their egg and avocado scramble. An older man tied his dog’s leash to the pole outdoors, walked inside, waived to the waitress with the coffee, smiled at the couple who stopped their conversation, and then sat down, alone, with the morning newspaper.
I finished my breakfast with Jo, and we made our way to explore the city. Powerful morning moment: complete.
Again, it’s the little things.

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