Going Natural: How to Manage Natural Hair on the Road



Natural hair be like, “All my life I had to detangle” – Meme

Hey sista sista, what’s poppin’? It’s Raph, back again to enlighten you with another story.

I’ve been around the travelin’ sphere for some time now, so I can say that I’m a tad bit experienced when it comes to packing travel-sized hair products and reading maps (two skills that I am thoroughly proud of J). As a 4B/C  gal, it’s vital to bring the essentials you know you’ll be using abroad because once you hop on that plane, there’s no time to begin experimenting with products. It’s not like you’ll find a beauty supply store on every corner, especially in Europe. You gotta be in it sis, no more backtracking.


But of course, did I really listen to myself when I hopped on a 6h bus ride from Belgium to London? Absolutely not. You really think I’m gonna pack 4 full-sized natural hair products in my suitcase for a 10-day trip? Hell nah. And it’s not even like I can do that anyway – I wouldn’t even have space for my clothes and other miscellaneous items.

Anyway, the point is: I’m a cheap hoarder. I’d rather hoard on clothes than essential hair items (I know, I’m a mess and I def got my priorities f*cked up). When I decided to go to London during my spring break, I didn’t think to bring all of my natural hair products because:

1. I assumed I had no space and 2. I figured there would be places to buy natural hair products since there’s barely any in Belgium. I was wrong.

On top of that, I didn’t think to check the weather in London, so when I arrived, I was greeted with 4 full days of showers during my stay. Puurrrfect, just my luck. So, guess who arrived with just ¼ of shea butter and barely enough jojoba oil to last 2 days? Me.

Unfortunately, I had to go out my way and drop 30£ ($38) on moisturizer and hair oil to avoid looking like some dolled-up chimpanzee. Nonetheless, I learned my lesson, and I never left any of my products at home again.

Moral of the story: It’s better to be safe than sorry. You can be avoid my foolish mishaps if you know the in’s and out’s of packing effectively and efficiently. This is why I’m writing this – to help you prosper without looking like the black version of Cynthia with dry coil-y patches sticking out at every angle. *sigh*

Want to overload on natural hair products without taking too much space? Below are 3 easy tips n’ tricks to packing lightly on your next journey:

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    Invest in a Travel Sized Natural Hair Kit

    Don’t even consider it – just do it. Your hair will thank you and not only that, you’ll thank yourself for being smart enough to consider. Had I known that it could’ve been my option, I would’ve been invested in it. It also saves you the trouble of witnessing TSA throwin’ yo shit out right in front of you because you decided to bring an 8 fl oz Shea Moisture bottle on the plane. Lmfao, try again. Here’s a great place to start!


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    Check the Weather!

    I can’t stress this enough! When I arrived in London, I was so so heated that the weather wasn’t going to be flattering during my holiday (it was April! Like why the sun ain’t out!). The weather of your destination determines what natural hair style to rock. For example: Since there’s always a high chance of precipitation in London, rocking straight hair ain’t the way to go hunny. I know you wanna look cute but spare yourself the trouble, and realize that you can look cute with your natural hair. Instead, consider doing a protective style such as braids or twists, to lock in moisture and require little to no manipulation whatsoever.


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    Bring What You Need, Not What You Think You Want

    This goes back to my hoarding problem: don’t hoard. In all honestly, you’ll only need no more than 5 products: a moisturizing shampoo (if you use it) and conditioner, 2 essential oils (preferably one heavy and one light), and a cream of choice. You don’t need to bring 10 bottles of styling products because chances are you won’t use half of them and it’s not like you’ll be styling your hair every day. Like, who has time fo’ dat? Not I.

    Sve yourself the space and limit to only 5 products or less!

Look sis, I know the struggle. I’m still strugglin’ myself! However, there are plenty of ways to get around lookin’ like some dusted up muppet during your journey. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that. So go forth and flourish them curls…just bring your products this time around.


Drop your hair secrets below!

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