How To Make The Most Of Your Holiday Vacation

Your long awaited vacation has arrived (or will arrive shortly, I hope!). Between holiday shopping and Netflixing this is also a great time to get a jump start on things you’ve been putting off. I’m writing this article less because I’m any sort of expert in productivity and more to motivate myself. So let’s do this together y’all! Cheers to making moves.

Whether you’re on break from school or have only a few days off from work, it’s important to take time to BREATHE. Resting your mind and body is just as important as being “productive.” If you take your break to actually rest you’ll likely be more happy and effective when you have to go back to work.

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Here's some motivation Let's Get Started!

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    Check out these cheap holiday flights and take yourself on an adventure. Experience the holidays in a new way. If you’ve never had a “white Christmas,” go somewhere cold! If you’re like me and struggle with the cold, find somewhere the sun is actually shining.

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    Explore your own city/hometown! I did this yesterday by sitting down to work at a cute little cafe in an area I never hang out in. Just because I’m home doesn’t mean I need to literally be at home (shocker, I know.) I feel like I always get to know other cities better than I know my own, so I told myself I should do what I would do if I were traveling: check out cafes, museum exhibits, look for new food options.

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    Make that LinkedIn profile everyone has been telling you to make/actually use LinkedIn. My profile was getting dusty. So at the aforementioned cafe I updated my profile with my last few internships and started looking for post-graduate opportunities.

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    Apply to jobs and programs! If you’re at a transition point in your life, start thinking about what your next move is. Look at your university’s resources, tap into your social networks, or talk to people who are doing things that interest you. Fill out some applications and don’t be afraid to apply to things that seem random.

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    Catch up on those doctor’s appointments! As an out-of-state college student who is always traveling, I ended up getting way behind on my doctor’s appointments. (Am I the only one??) Between dentists, eye doctors, general doctors, gynecologists, etc. it’s a lot to keep up with! When I’m actually home for a break, I try to take that time to check in with my health.

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    Connect with friends and family! Update people on where and how you’ve been! Reach out to that aunt, friend, crush you’ve been thinking about. Schedule that girls night in, crack open a cold one with the boys. Send! That! Text!

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How are you spending this holiday vacation?

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