Making The Stories You Want To Happen Happen


New York – better than sex.

Those are the first words of this New York City guidebook I’m reading. Not that I need a guidebook after having lived in New York for five years and visiting multiple times even after, but what I find interesting, and important, is seeing a city you think you know, through someone else’s eyes. You tell me where to go. I already know where I like to go in New York, but where do other people like to go?
Frankly I need to see a new side of New York. The last time I lived here, I felt so checked out and so over the city. My blog was literally named Why It’s Time For Me To Leave New York and it was all about how I didn’t feel excited about the city anymore. I felt I had done New York. I wanted to go have new stories in a new city with new people.

To me, that’s the point of life. To actually live.

Not for it to be so planned and predictable.
new york city street art, literally
I thought I’d give New York a second chance by coming back – and while I’m still not convinced I need to drop everything and move back here ASAP. I can already tell you I’ve had many new stories.
That time I told my friend I had other things to do and that I wasn’t going to the gym, then went to the gym, and of all the gyms in New York City, she was there. That time Jo showed me a Thai restaurant on St. Mark’s where mojitos were only $3. That time I went to the Apple Store and they tried convincing me a $500 screen replacement was cheap. That time a subscriber scared me half to death when they came up behind me in a coffee shop.
I could have come back here and only seen the city through the lens I had seen it when I lived here and wanted to move. Or I could come back and discover a new side.
It’s like when people say “I would hate LA” and then they go to LA and only see it through the haterade goggles. It’s like when you see someone eating tofu and kimchi and you’ve already convinced yourself you won’t like it. It’s like when you wonder why you don’t have your own reality show, yet you’re doing nothing to get a reality show in the first place. It’s like when you decide to go to a bar alone and expect people to come up to you, and when they don’t, you feel justified and say “see this is why I don’t go to bars alone!”
The mentality that life happens to you, and not the other way around, is a problematic and all-around pretty crappy way to look at life.
This time, I’m making what I want to happen in New York, happen.


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