What It Looks Like To Shop at Walmart In Middle America


When I studied abroad in Paris and told everyone I was from Indiana, many would ask about Walmart. I told them it was literally “something to do” when you are under 21 bored on a Friday night. If you were born in a place like France, or even in an inner-city, where you’re not blessed (cursed?) with Walmart, this blog is for you.

Personally, I don’t know why people abroad tend to be so entranced by the idea of Walmart. When I would go grocery shopping in Paris, I’d go to Auchan, which to me, is more of a chaotic mess than Walmart ever is. It is true though that Walmart is the King of American commercialism and capitalism that the US is so widely-known for, so I decided to walk up in Walmart and try my hardest to see the place from a foreigner’s point of view.

Here are the photos of my entry before I got yelled at by a Walmart representative for taking pictures (seriously?).

Don’t know where to go? Look up.

walmart signs

School spirit much? In special Walmarts, you even have high school apparel being sold.


Which kind of cereal do you want? Because you’ve got an entire aisle dedicated to it:

Walmart CHOICE

A humongous trial-size section, aka where I often shop because I’m broke.


Before I got yelled at for taking pictures in Walmart, I tried snapping photos of all the ways you can check out. Do you want to check out by yourself, with less than 20 items? By yourself, but with more than 20 items? With a cashier, but you have 20 items or less? With a cashier, but you have more than 20 items? DO WE REALLY NEED FOUR WAYS TO CHECK OUT? NO. BUT THAT’S SOME DAMN CONVENIENCE!


As a kid, you almost always forced your parents to let you ride this thing. Come on, for ONE cent?!horsethingforkids

And then after the horsey ride, you forced your parents to let you buy one of these:walmart-toys

And then, you can stop by a McDonald’s, the pharmacy, or the bank on your way out:


Because parking lots are ridiculously huge, you have to remember the letter you parked by, so you can find your car.


Then stuff it all into your car…


or even use your horse and buggy stables like we have in Indiana…


 Ahhh, you’ve done it. You’ve gone to Walmart.

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