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I still get so excited when post comes through my letterbox. I’ll run down the stairs imagining that I’m receiving a love letter from someone or an acceptance letter for University (cough cough, or Hogwarts) even though I graduated last year. But nothing beats the sight of a postcard from your best friend.

Bit of background for you here, my best friend from University, Roseline: beautiful, inspiring and a person that some genuinely describe as a true angel. Roseline did a real Shut Up and Go on us all after graduating and moved to Shanghai for a teaching job with little to no notice.

100% get it girl. But If you’ve ever lost a friend to another country, or even a city a few hours away then you’ll know how bittersweet this may be.

You end up feeling like a real grown ass woman when you’ve managed to memorise time differences and effectively communicate using Instagram and Facetime like a pro. It was only a few months ago that we were legit inseparable, living together and unable to spend a few days apart. Codependency is really a thing. 

Being obnoxiously cute in St James' Park.

So when a postcard does come through the letterbox, it is waaaaay more exciting than the regular ‘please pay your bills! They are late and double the price again!’ bores. 

In as much as she could squeeze into a small postcard, love you and miss you is all that can fit but a hug would do the trick too. 

Roseline’s been gone for a good few months, and in September I’m starting a job in Barcelona, one of my fave places eveeeeeeer.

We try work out our timelines but we realise we’ll probably just miss each other and can not FOR THE LIFE OF US work out when we’ll both be back in London together. 

Holding back the tears on Ros' leaving night...

No one talks about long distance friendships, only romantic relationships and mostly about how hard they are to maintain. Long distance friendships are just as valid and equally a lot of hard work too.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep those special friendships as gorgeous as ever.

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    I don’t know why it gets such a bad rap, it’s honestly a gift and you should use it as such.  We’ve got Facetime, Skype, Facebook, Insta and all the rest. It’s instant too! Share the best pictures, update them on all of your messy dates and even facetime on your way to work if time differences allow. 

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    Sure, things are different now but that’s okay. Communicate in a different way. Instead of a real-life update that lasts about 4000000 hours write it down and put it in a letter. There’s something so romantic about posting a card through the letterbox to the other side of the world.

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    That said, it’s also fine to not speak for a little while. Everyone is BUSY! Take comfortable breaks and know it’s cool if you end up missing one of the weekly catch ups. It just leaves more for the next one!

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    Take advantage of the fact your friend is abroad to push yourself to travel more too. Meet somewhere that you would never have because it’s in the middle.

In a life of Shut Up and Go, you never really know when the next trip away is, or which friends are gonna be moving, so what’s most important is to make effort with all your friends as if they are half the world away because maybe tomorrow they will be. 

Just like a postcard can be in a stall in China one week and in my dingy flat in South London the next, that’s definitely the case with people too. Book all the flights, make the experiences you’ve always wanted to but most importantly send m o r e postcards. 

Just like a postcard can be in a stall in China one week and in my dingy flat in South London the next.

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