London Streets to Scotland Trees: Great Brit Photo Diary



I know I’m a city girl, but after the week I had, I might be open to reconsidering. 10 days and 5 cities. Thanks to BritRail, I saw big ol’ industrial cities fueled only by scurrying suits. I saw small towns with their quiet artifice and equally hushed buses of retiree tourists. I saw colorful streets and castles and rolling hills. I mean like really… rolling hills is not a throw-away euphemism anymore. I’ve seen them. I saw so much green I was convinced winter had never come.

That the world really hadn’t been swallowed whole in an ocean of metallic ingenuity and copper wiring. Amid my big city, small town, and Highland adventure I remembered how big this world is, how truly vast it is, and how much I love traveling.

How else can you say you spent the afternoon washing your hands from a tiny waterfall by Loch Ness only to get back to your hostel and finish the night reliving the disappointment that was the finale of Game of Thrones (it shall not be discussed). How else are you going to run into an old hostel mate 400 miles from where you first met? How else are you going to write your name down for Dumbledore’s army and wave a wand at Tom Riddle’s grave or drive past that Quidditch field? You gotta Shut Up and Go.

That’s the only way you’re going to change that bucket list into a to-do list.

So, here’s a photo diary of my 2 weeks from London to the tip of Scotland—I would share my whole album, but I don’t think this post can handle 1,376 pictures…

London: Spent a good amount of time lamenting about solo travel with a gorgeous jeweler at one of the stands (yes, I bought a ring from her and yes, I then lost it in Edinburgh. *Le sigh*).
London: I wasn’t joking about the colorful streets.
Chester: I spent a good hour picnicking in the garden behind the Cathedral .
Chester: A quiet town with an even quieter demographic of tourists. I loved seeing all the little old couples walking around the garden and taking breaks by the benches. Wholesome.
Glasgow: Spent a good ____
Glasgow: The climb. The climb was rough. Be prepared to put in some steps if you want the good views.
Train Station: I don’t think I’ve ever taken this many trains in my life. But S/O to BritRail/ScotRail. Talk about an interconnected and reliable network.
Edinburgh: Edinburgh, you’re rude. These hills. Damn. But can’t complain, cuz at least I was burning off all the carbs and meat somehow.
Highlands: No need for words. Nature is a marvel all on her own.
Highlands: Went on a solo hike for 40mins hoping to see Nessie, but alas.
Inverness: Talk about making it up north, I had to take an 11hr train ride to make it back to London (and it surprisingly went by a lot faster than I expected).
Inverness: I got Verona vibes when I was there and I’m not sure why.

To an emotional and self-reflective 2 weeks, to checking off things from that to-do list, to kicking off the next chapter in life with adventure.


Cheers 🍻

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