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One day during a random YouTube binge session, I searched “Paris vloggers,” and I came across one of Camille’s videos of her lookbook in St. Tropez. It’s not like I’m a fashion dude, but I do love a nice film grain and good ol’ 90s fashion. A few videos in, she and her friends started speaking perfect French, and then perfect English, and then perfect Franglais. Done. Sold. Subscribed. Months later, I was meeting with another YouTuber friend who studied in Paris, Elena, and she texted me, “Oh Cami is coming too.” Had no idea it was going to be this Camille, but it was. Now, I’m in Paris…again, and I met up with Camille in her stomping ground.
Camille and I met in a juice and bagel shop near Bastille, where of all the bagel options we could have chosen, she chose a basic cream cheese bagel. I then nearly broke one of their stools when the lever simply stopped working and I descended mid-conversation. We both had an hour to kill, so we decided to go to the Marais to walk around. The Marais is a neighborhood filled with winding alleyways, so it’s not one of those neighborhoods that you can easily maneuver – yet somehow, she knew exactly the path to get to Place des Vosges, to some friperies I’ve never even seen before, and to a hip café called l’Improbable, that, I kid you not, I had been looking for for the past year when I first walked in. I saw the random truck inside named Café Centra, and then tried googling Café Centra for the past year to go back, but nothing ever came up because that wasn’t the café’s name. Basically, me finding my way back to l’Improbable was what was truly improbable.
To me, Camille is definition of the new Paris. She’s a born-and-bred Parisian so she enjoys her baguette and park time, but she also knows all the new, up-and-coming places to go. When I studied abroad, there were hardly any coffee shops to sit in with your laptop, if you were a vegan, you were screwed, and bagels – like no French person even knew what a bagel was. If you want more modern-day approach for your next trip to Paris, take a look into Camille’s Paris:

Locals of Paris


Iconic Parisian Haussmanien Architecture
camille jansen walking in paris
Age: 16
Hometown: Paris, France
What you do in life/job: I’m still in high  school but I make YouTube videos and model for fun.
Social media handles: @CamilleJansen (Instagram), Cami (YouTube), @CamilleJansen (Twitter)

So explain. You’re British and French, but you were raised in Paris?

Yes, I’ve got dual nationalities because my mum is French & British and my dad is British, so I speak both languages fluently but I was born and raised in Paris!
Plants overtaking a Parisian building.
Locals of Paris, Camille in front of Places des Vosges

In what ways are Brits and Frenchies different?

They’re so different in so many ways! The culture in France is so much more artistic and goes beyond what we see in movies. For example, drinking wine in France is part of our culture and us Frenchies, especially Parisians, have all grown up buying baguettes or eating croissants for breakfast and end the day with a glass of wine (depending on your age of course!). Paris night life is one of the most magical things to experience and I wish everyone could experience it at least once in their life!
However, the Brits don’t have that culture, everything is very all over the place if that makes any sense and I definitely identify more as French than British.
Camille Jansen in Paris, France

Say your friends are coming into Paris from another city, where would you take them to go eat?

I’ll either bring them to one of my favourite bagel place called Fresh Bagel and Juice which is a 5 minute walk from Bastille and is inexpensive or I’ll bring them to my favourite burger spot Schwartz or Hanks Burgers; they make the best veggie burgers 😉

What are some super French songs that we should all listen to while we stroll around Paris?

Some classics to make you feel the most Parisian you could ever be whilst you walk the streets of Paris:

A blurry photo walking through Paris

It’s Saturday and you want to go chill in a park with somethin’ from Franprix. First off, what do you pick up from Franprix, and secondly, what park do you go to?

I pick up a bottle of rosé or white wine, drag a couple friends with me and sit in the Square du Temple to listen to the strangers walking by and the one guy who serenades the people in the park with his acoustic guitar.

You’re always dressed in the coolest clothes on your Instagram. Where can someone go to find some of your style? Or what is it that you look for when you buy clothes?

I love thrifting! I always find the most unique pieces in the friperies you can find walking through the streets in the Marais such as Kilo Shop or Free’p’Star. Other than that I just get inspired by art, online magazines such as Dazed or i-D or just on social media. I buy whatever floats my boat and wear different outfits as a way of expressing myself instead of blindly following trends.
Paris Thrift Store named Free'P'Star
Camille Jansen rockin' the fur coat in Free'P'Star, Paris

What is your typical boulangerie order?

Une dizaine de chouquettes, un pain au chocolat et une baguette.

One French sentence everyone needs to know?

One that my friend says all the time,

On côtoie le bonheur.

It’s kinda like our motto and something I believe everyone should live by.

You have a day off – describe your perfect Paris day from morning to night?

I’d wake up early to catch the train, have lunch at Hank’s Burgers with a friend, and then proceed to walk the streets of Paris. I’d get lost in the city and then around 4 o’clock I’d go sit at a coffee shop – l’Improbable is one of my favs and I’d sit there for a couple hours and talk about anything and everything with the company that I have. Later on in the evening, I would go sit on the Quai de Seine next to Notre Dame to watch the Bateaux Mouches and the drunk people passing by. Most of all, I’d create the best memories with my friends.
Entrance to Café l'Improbable Paris
Inside Café l'Improbable
A colorful (surprising) Parisian girl orders a coffee at Café l'Improbable in Le Marais
The interior of Café l'Improbable in Paris

To follow more of Camille around Paris, check out her YouTube Cami and her Instagram @CamilleJansen.

Paris local Camille Jansen in Place des Vosges
Camille Jansen modeling an amazing bottle of Evian from Franprix
[In our “Locals of” series, we will be highlighting locals of each city we travel to. Go figure. These aren’t just randos walking down the street; they’re people we have personally connected with and vouch for in terms of knowing how to do their city right. They’ve got some juicy deets that might just change the way you see their cities and we want to share them with you.]

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