Locals of Nashville: Asher Morey


Let the man bun speak for itself. The dude breathed nonchalant down-to-earth cool – exactly what my NY crazy a$$ needs from time to time. Originally from Kansas, Asher moved to Nashville to study audio engineering, math, and eventually entrepreneurship. He discovered crafting cocktails was his thing, and now is about to work at a bar reminiscent of a everything a ski lodge offers without the actual ski slopes – ehhh who needs ski slopes when ya got a nice cocktail and cool people anyway! Gets my a$$ off the bunny hill, that’s for sure.
I was connected to Asher through a mutual friend and then we met up at Fido – a café I had found after googling “hip nashville”…and a place that Asher seemed to have already known – two signs it was a cool place to be. Because this was my first time ever in Nashville (could you tell from my googling of “hip nashville?”), I made it pretty clear to Asher that I needed him to load my brain with everything about Nashville.
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So he gave me Nashville down-low – how Broadway downtown is totally touristville and how not everyone is about country music in Nashville – something I needed to hear after having just come from Broadway downtown and chilling in a place literally named Honky Tonk Central. To my surprise, Nashville is an up-and-coming creative center for people who tend to live within a 9 hour radius, he clarified. “Everyone seems to come from 9 hours away. It’s always 9 hours.” and then I realized, it even took me a 9 hour road trip to get down there.

“Nashville is a place where creative people can do their thing and survive with just a restaurant job to pay the bills.”

And I believe that after visiting his Best Burger in Nashville recommendation over at Burger Up, ironically on Paris Ave – we were convinced it was another sign I had to go there. As I mentioned on my Exploring Nashville post, all the servers looked like they were from a GAP commercial – rocking that effortless cool artist look. Although I didn’t get a burger like he recommended, I did get the best, and I’m not just saying that, kale salad.
Now let’s hear more from Asher:

Why Nashville? How’d you end up here?

School. I came originally for audio engineering and math at Belmont University. I’m now an Entrepreneurship major with 3 classes left!

Describe what tourists think Nashville is. Describe what you think of Nashville.

Tourists think it’s the country music capital of the world, which is true. Nashville is so much more. There’s incredible music coming out of Nashville of any genre you can think of. We have incredible restaurants and bars, a thriving entrepreneurial community, kind people, and some beautiful outdoors.

What is your favorite cheap eat and why?

My favorite cheap eat is a toss up. There are so many good options here. Dinos has a great burger and cheap beer and always promises a laugh while you’re there, Más Tacos is a unique, local, hip option for tacos. Then Bella Bakery has the best bread in Nashville with a to-die-for roast beef sandwich. Let’s not forgot Crema for their coffee and toast as well.

It’s 5pm on Friday and you just got out of work, what do you do? How do you spend your evening?

I’d call my friends up, see what they’re doing, and depending on who’s free, my night would look different. Sometimes cookout and drink beers, play some Mario Kart after and watch a movie. Sometimes go out for Mexican at La Hacienda then play sand volleyball. Sometimes I’ll go to Dinos bar, start drinking there and see where the night takes me. 

You’re dead broke, and want to have a good time in the city. Now what?

Disc golf, everytime. Also, sand volleyball, Percy Werner park, and Percy Priest Lake. In Nashville, it wouldn’t be hard to find an “inexpensive” group of friends.

Anything you don’t like about Nashville?

The traffic and layout of the roads and highways is absolutely horrid. I can not possibly describe accurately how frustrating it is sometimes. We’re also growing rapidly as a city, so with that comes lines, housing costs rising, tourists, and what can feel like a dilution of the culture I loved when I moved here.

If you weren’t at work or school, where could someone most likely find you in Nashville?

Most likely the disc golf course. Otherwise, either Crema Coffee, dive bars around town, Pinewood Social or my friends places just chilling.

Where do you go out to get your drank and your two-step on?

If I want to really get my drank on, 308 is always the place to go. For a dance party, ACME downtown is it. For a nice cocktail, I could go to Chauhan Ale am Masala House, Embers Ski Lodge, The Patterson House, or Rolf and Daughters. If I just want to chill, Dinos all the way.

What has been one of your most memorable Nashville moments?

In Nashville, we’re very close to some of the most beautiful places in the States. Kayaking out to Bear Island on Percy Priest Lake and camping was incredible. Spontaneous road trip to the smoky mountains. Days spent shirtless and shoeless playing disc golf and volleyball. There was also one time, we figured out how to turn the lights on at the practice soccer field at Vanderbilt, so we turned them on and played for a long time.


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