How to Learn French on Spotify

Leave it to Damon and Jo to find an empty parking lot in Venice Beach to pull our azzes over and spit some of the hottest French rap. Let me clarify, rap in French, since I know some of y’all get a little salty when we include Belgian rapper Stromae (or others) in the group of French rappers. Trust me, if we’re naming it that, it’s just for SEO purposes.
If you’re looking for an actually fun way to practice your languages (you are), learn French on Spotify. Look up “playlists” on YouTube (some YouTubers make dance/singalong videos to their favorite songs), or check out the World category on Spotify, where you’ll be able to find the most popular songs right now each country, or relevant playlists for that country. Write down the lyrics, memorize, and before you know it, not only will you have the flow of the language down, but you’ll also have a cultural reference that’ll surprise everyone you encounter.

Put Your Spotify In French

Best French Rap | Damon and Jo 2

Because Découverte de la Semaine sounds a whole lot sexier.

Check the Travel/World CategoryBest French Rap | Damon and Jo

Playlists for your road trips, playlists for your trip to France, playlists of all things travel.

See What’s Trending In Francophone Countries

Best French Rap | Damon and Jo 4
On mobile, you can break it down via Top 50 by Country and Top Viral 50 by Country. Although the English-language market dominates even non-English speaking countries, you’ll still be able to find break-through artists.

Look At Similar Artists

Best French Rap | Damon and Jo 2 3
Click the Similar Artists tab to find other artists with a similar sound. I found my girl Gillian Hills through Brigitte Bardot’s Similar Artists page, and now I wake up to her every morning.

Here are our two playlists in French to get you started:

Link to playlist 1: Français | @damonandjo

Link to playlist 2: French Rap

Rap Français | French Rap | YouTube | DamonAndJo 3
Rap Français | French Rap | YouTube | DamonAndJo 4
Rap Français | French Rap | YouTube | DamonAndJo 2

What are some other ways you use to learn French on Spotify?

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